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Business benefits of WordPress

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No contract tie-ins

There is no contract tie-in because there is no one to have a contract with. You’re not locked in with any company so you can easily switch providers.

No licence fees

WordPress is open source which means that it is completely free to use anytime, any place with no licence fees to pay. All the platform updates are always free too.

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Search engine friendly

WordPress makes it easy for search engines to index your content. With powerful built-in SEO tools, each page, post or image can have meta titles, tags and keywords giving your content a wider reach.

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Your data, your choice

The data on your WordPress platform is only ever owned by you. It’s never locked into any supplier system so you can move it or switch providers anytime, for free.

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Multi-user friendly

WordPress has multiple levels of user built-in, from Super Admin, Admin, Editor, Author and Contributor, so you can assign specific roles to different people

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Easy to use

Being intuitive and easy to use is a big part of WordPress’ appeal. With many people already familiar with the platform, user training is kept to a minimum.

wordpress Development

Our Classic WordPress offering

We don’t do “out of the box” – but our Classic WordPress offering gives you the same speed of delivery that you’d expect to come from installing a template.

Our unique framework based on agile development principles means our team can deliver many different kinds of projects on time, on budget, and to the highest SEO standards.

It keeps maintenance and costs low, while site performance remains high.
wordpress Development

Our Enhanced WordPress offering

Every project has a different level of complexity – and if your needs are more bespoke, we can match them.

With over 100 WordPress projects under our belt, our experts in design, development, testing and architecture can work closely with your team and create something entirely custom-built to your company and its unique challenges.

Whether you need a system integration piece, multiple sites with a central dashboard, or a mobile app that talks to your WordPress CMS – we can help you build the perfect, personalised platform, so your staff and customers get the very best experience.
wordpress offering

Discover more

To help you workout which is the right package for you, take a look at our more detailed breakdown.

You’ll get an idea of what your product’s lifecycle could look like, and more information on the difference between our Classic and Enhanced options.

Why choose us?

To help you workout which is the right package for you, take a look at our more detailed breakdown.

You’ll get an idea of what your product’s lifecycle could look like, and more information on the difference between our Classic and Enhanced options.

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frequently asked questions

We’d love to help. We have WordPress clients throughout but if you are looking to work with local WordPress developers we can arrange a meeting at our office or visit you at your premises. We are happy to work by email, phone or face to face, whatever works best for you.

If you wish to edit your WordPress website throughout development or after it goes live, then we can simply provide you with a WordPress login and you’ll be ready to go. There are no special skills or tools required to use WordPress, but if you’re not sure about what you’re are doing, then our team will be on hand ready to help.

Website hosting allows individuals and businesses to display their websites on the Internet. Websites are made up of various files containing the code and databases needed to display the website correctly on a users browser. These files are stored on computers called servers. Servers are kept on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure your website always remains online. We offer a quality web hosting service, which will keep your website, not only live, but as safe and secure as possible.

Your computer connects to a websites server via an IP address, which is a long string of numbers. A domain name is a friendly version of this IP address, so that users can easily remember and identify a website. You need both a domain name and hosting for your website to work.

Definitely! Our WordPress developers have a huge amount of technical knowledge. We don’t just build WordPress websites, we understand how they are put together from the database to the front end. If your WordPress website has been hacked please get in touch, we can conduct an audit and either deal with the hacked content there and then or at the very least best advise you on the next steps.

We will usually arrange a phone call or if your are based locally, a meeting to get things started. From this initial discussion we can find out more about your business, your audience and your marketing goals. We will put forward our recommendations from information gathered and if you’re happy with what we’ve said, we can put together a project proposal and move forward from there.

WordPress Plugins are similar to apps on your phone. They create the ability to easily add different functionalities to your website. Just like with apps on your phone, they regularly get updates to fix any bugs, add new features and update the security. Plugins are an open-source software, and are created by third party developers. Most of these developers continuously update the plugins to fix bugs and add in new features to help streamline the user experience.