Visual data rules the world in this era of digitalization. The major reason behind this fact is that videos and animations are more likely to capture the attention of the viewers.

They can help disseminate information in a better way. The viewers can even retain the data and information expressed in a video for a longer time. But this is only possible if you create videos that are enticing and appealing enough to attract the audience.

Creating video content is a difficult task. But this difficult task is made easy with the help of different video editing software. These video editing programs can help you earn money through your videos.

You may make money from YouTube or live-stream your content on different platforms. Some companies even create their own OTT video platforms, like Netflix.

So, why not reap the advantage of the visual content and earn money from it?  You can even enhance your earnings if you are a good video editor.

Hence, choosing the best video editing software is an important task before you start editing your videos.

What is Video Editing Software?

A video editing software is a video editing app or a platform that can help you perform video editing on a non-linear system. These applications have replaced the need to use analog video editing machines.

Video editing software has different editing features. These features can help you browse through different video clips or automate and reformat your videos. Some of the video editing platforms also provide cloud storage facilities to their users.

So, there are a lot of things you need to think about before picking one of the video editing programs. These factors can include the type of pc you are using, options for file transfers, audio settings, video settings, filters and transition, etc.

Let us have a look at these factors in more detail.

Factors to look for while choosing the Best Video Editing Software

  • File Formats

The video editing platform that you use should be compatible with different types of video and audio formats. These types can include MP3, jpg, WAV, MP4, etc. If your video editing software is compatible with different file formats, then it can help you edit your videos flexibly.

  • Graphics and Custom Titles

The video editing software which you choose should be equipped with many graphics and custom titles. These options can help you choose different colors, fonts, transitions, and other title options for your videos.

  • Audio Editing

The audio editing features should also be considered before choosing any video editing platform. The software should help you determine the audio in a video clip.

You should also be able to adjust the audio of your video accordingly. One of the best audio editing features that should be present in the video editing software is the waveform.

  • Real-Time Viewing

The video editing software that you choose should be able to help you preview your edited videos in real time. This will enable you to get a better idea of your edited videos.

  • Speed

When you edit a video, you should be able to control its speed. So, your video editing platform should always allow you to adjust the speed of your playback.

  • Video Editing

It is very important to consider the video editing features of your video editing platform. The software should help you resize or trim your video clip according to your requirements.

Not only this, but a good video editing platform also helps the users edit their clips from different axes, like the X or Y-axis.

  • Compatibility

Before choosing any video editing software, you should consider the compatibility of the platform with different platforms.

Your video editing software should support different platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The compatibility of the software with different platforms will help you edit your video on different machines.

So, these are some of the factors that you should consider before choosing any video editing software.

Now let us have a look at the different video editing software and its editing elements. Each of these platforms has different features and different compatibility options.

List of the Best Video Editing Software in 2023

1. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is a part of Adobe Creative Cloud. This is one of the best video editing programs out there on the Web. The platform provides a plethora of automated tools to the users due to its Adobe Sensei technology.

The automated tools help the users quickly perform their editing functions and thus save time. The workflow of the software is also well integrated. This feature helps the users edit their videos without changing their timelines.

With the latest video formats, the platform allows users to edit their videos in an updated way. This means the users can edit their videos in virtual reality and ultra-high-definition 8K.

Once you have edited your video, the video can be optimized for any screen. This means the videos edited on this platform are responsive enough to adapt to the screen size of different devices.

One of the best features of this software is its 360-degree video editing VR180 functionality. This function helps the users get support for VR 180. This support can enable you to format your videos with different effects and filters.

Moreover, you can even publish your videos on Vimeo, YouTube, and other platforms with this support.

Besides these platforms, the software can work well with other Adobe elements like Adobe Stock, After Effects, etc. This means you can download different templates from After Effects or Adobe Stock. These templates serve as a base to edit your videos on Premiere Pro.

Besides the template, the software also has different color correction and color grading features. Some of these features are the Chroma Key options and the Lumetri colour tools.

The Chroma Key options help you edit or remove the backgrounds of your videos. Whereas, the lumetri colour tool can help you adjust the curves of your videos.

Not only the colour correction features, but Premiere Pro also has some excellent audio editing options. It has a sound panel. This sound panel has different sliders that provide the user with options related to audio editing.

You can add effects to your videos like studio balance, reverb, compression, amplification, etc. Moreover, the functionality of Adobe Audio can help you give a professional touch to your audio editing.

With all these features, you can use Premiere Pro CC to edit your videos and give them a professional finish. This application is one of the best choices for beginners.

Due to its streamlined interface, beginners can easily learn how to edit their videos on this software. The drag-and-drop tool of this editing platform also helps beginners edit their videos.

You can even get the mobile application for this right video editing software. The price of Premiere Pro CC starts at $29.99 per month.

2. Adobe Premiere Elements

Are you an individual who wants to create videos for his or her YouTube channel? Or do you want to become a professional video editor by inculcating certain video editing skills?

If you are a beginner in the video editing industry, then Adobe Premiere Elements is one of the best video editing platforms for you.

Adobe Premiere Elements is a simplified version of Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It is due to this reason that the interface of the software is less intimidating.

You can easily learn how to use this simplistic version of Adobe Premiere Pro. Besides the easy to use interface, this video editing software has a plethora of features. These features include soundtracks, face detection, video stabilization, and audio effects.

You can easily edit your videos using such features. Different effects like transitions, opacity, chroma-keying, etc. can enable you to enhance the appearance of your videos.

The automated functions of the software, like Smart Toning and Motion tracking along with the smart search capability, help you get a fast workflow.

Adobe Premiere Elements was recently upgraded for 2021. The latest release of the software had additional features. Traditional elements include automated backing up of the catalog, updated sound effects, music, and AI editing features.

With all these advantages, beginners in the video editing industry can use this platform.

The software is compatible with Windows and Mac. Before opting for any of the paid versions, you can try out the free trial version of the software.

The free trial is for 30 days. This trial can assist you in determining whether or not the software’s features meet your needs. If you are satisfied with the video editing features of Adobe Premiere Elements, you can opt for its paid version.

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is good software for basic mobile video editing. This software is compatible with desktop, iOS, and Android. With its different features, it helps you edit your videos.

By using Adobe Premiere Rush, you can auto-correct the colour of your video or add music and transitions to it. The option to add music to your videos enables you to use the music from your playlist or the library of the software.

Moreover, Adobe Premium Rush has two modes: automatic and free form. The Free Form mode helps the users retain control of editing in their hands.

On the other hand, the automatic mode lets the software automatically choose transitions for your videos and trim them accordingly. Besides the two modes, this software is also compatible with other products from Adobe, like Adobe Lightroom.

The advantages of this platform do not stop here.

It has a simple user interface. Besides the interface, the platform also provides Adobe Creative Cloud support to the users. However, with so many advantages, the software lacks some basic functions required in video editing platforms.

One such feature is the lack of ability of the software to rotate the clips of the users. Despite a few faults in the software, you can use it. For this, you need to pay a price to get access to the different video editing features. The price of Adobe Premiere Rush is $9.99 per month.

4. Apple iMovie, best free video editing software


Apple iMovie is a great video editing tool for all the Mac owners out there. This software is already downloaded onto the machines of Mac owners.

These owners can edit videos on this software and provide them with a professional finish. This is because of the different editing features of Apple iMovie. It provides users with numerous effects, filters, and templates. Moreover, the software supports 4K resolutions.

The software has been recently updated. The recent update includes 4K video capabilities and touch bar support. Not only this, but the speed at which the video clips are processed is also great in the updated version. You can process approximately 60 frames per second.

One of the biggest advantages of using this software to edit your videos is its compatibility. Apple iMovie can help you import and export your content from iCloud.

This helps you avoid the strenuous process of first saving your content and then editing it. The users can even edit their videos on their Apple TV by connecting it with this software.

Hence, iMovie is the best options for Mac owners. They can even use the export option of this platform, which is available in some of the more common file formats. No matter if you have a Mac Book Air or a Mac Book Pro, this software works well with both devices.

5. DaVinci Resolve

Davinci Resolve is one of the best video editing programs, with excellent audio and colour correction features. This software is generally used by professionals. These professionals can easily edit their videos on DaVinci Resolve, which is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Davinci Resolve is an all-in-one platform. This is because it integrates different advanced features. These elements include professional 8K editing, visual effects, exceptional colour correction, and Fairlight consoles on a single platform.

Besides the advanced features, the whole interface of this software remains intuitive. This makes it easy for newcomers to use the software and learn about its several elements.

These elements can include trimming the video or adding titles to your video. The software provides the users with the option to add either 3D or 2D titles to their videos.

The users also receive several colour features. These colour features include a primary colour wheel and different curve editors. Using the facial recognition feature, you can even change the skin tone, lip color, or eye color.

Not only this, but the Fairlight consoles also help the users adjust their audio. Fairlight is a combination of several high-end editing tools.

Putting aside the Fairlight feature, you will also be able to work with other people on this platform. This means that you can easily add multiple users and work on this tool if you receive larger jobs or a large work project.

This is possible due to the powerful multi-user database on the universal timeline of the software. This timeline helps different animators, sound engineers, and editors work together on DaVinci Resolve.

To get access to all such features of DaVinci Resolve, you can opt for its different plans. The software has two versions. The first version is DaVinci Resolve, which is a free version.

You can download this version from the website of DaVinci Resolve. The second version of this software is DaVinci Resolve Studio.

This version has all the features of the free version plus some additional tools. These tools include the DaVinci neural engine, Fairlight FX, audio plugins, advanced HDR scopes, advanced HDR grading, other 3D tools, and Resolve FX filters.

The price of Davinci Resolve Studio 17 is $295. You can also get other features of the software, like the editor keyboards, colour panels, Fairlight audio consoles, Fairlight studio console bundles, individual modules, etc., at different prices.

6. Corel Video Studio Pro

Corel Video Studio Pro is standalone video editing software. It helps the users to edit their timeline videos and storyboards. These users can create videos by using several images and adding effects to these images.

The software has different templates, presets, transitions, effects, and more than 1500 filters to help in the editing process.

The best features of this video editing platform are the Multicam capture lite option. This option allows you to record both the webcam and the screen at the same time in order to create videos.

Aside from screen recording, the software has other features that can assist you in editing your videos. These features include tools like Paint Shop Pro and Corel Painter. Such tools allow you to create animations, static graphics, or different types of paintings.

The users can also use the slideshow maker. The slideshow maker will help you create videos with the help of several built-in templates in the software. You can use these templates and add your media to them. This media can include a mix of videos, audios, and images.

Once you have added your media, you can edit it using different tools like trimming, cropping, and splitting the video. Editing your media can be done directly on the timeline. Users can even rotate or change the aspect ratio of their videos.

After adjusting the size and rotation of your video, you can perform other editing features. You may adjust the temperature of your video using the colour corrector tool.

The lens correction feature can help you remove the fisheye distortion from your video. The colour correction tool can also help you enhance the colours of your videos with several other features like saturation, colour adjustment, etc.

Not only this, but the users may even add subtitles to their videos.

Several other features of this software are as follows:

  • The spherical panoramas option of the software helps users convert their 360-degree videos.
  • Coral Video Studio Pro also has a drag-and-drop video editor.
  • It provides the features of pan, zoom, and chroma key to the users.
  • It is optimized to facilitate 4K display and has split-screen video functionality as well.

With all these features, you can use Corel Video Studio Pro. The software provides you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, you can easily invest in the paid plans of the software to check out its different features.

In case you are unsatisfied with its editing elements, you may get your money back. The price of this software is $79.99.

7. EaseUS Video Editor with audio editing facilities

With an easy-to-use video editing interface, EaseUS video editor is a video editing tool for Windows. This video editing software was created by a company known as Ease US. This company has been functioning since 2004 and has created this video editor recently.

Besides an easy-to-use interface, this software has some great features. The basic editing features include splitting your video, cutting, trimming, merging, editing, and sharing it.

You can also apply different filters, effects, or more than 50 inbuilt transition effects of the software to your videos. Not only this, but users can even modify the speed of their videos. They may set their videos at an accelerated speed or in slow motion.

The users also receive several audio editing features under this software. They can add any music file or audio clip to their videos.

After you’ve finished editing your videos, look for the platform’s export options. You can play your videos on different devices like the Samsung Galaxy, DVD, iPhones, HTC, iPads, etc.

Not only this, but the users can even upload their videos to YouTube. EaseUS also enables users to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format.

With so many advantages, you can use this software to edit your videos. The credibility of the platform is verified by its huge customer base. More than 530 million users use this platform to edit their videos. This simple video editor also provides free tech support to the users. 

Before subscribing to the paid plan of the software, you can try out its free trial. After this, you may purchase the pro version. The price of the pro version is $17.97.

But if you think that the editing features do not align with your requirements, you may choose the option of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. Movavi Video Editor


With an easy to use interface, the users can use Movavi Video Editor for their Mac OS X. These users can edit different kinds of videos on this editing software. The videos may include birthday movies, wedding videos, travel vlogs, home videos, etc.

To help you in the editing process, Movavi has a plethora of features. One of the best editing features of this software is its Movie Effects Store.

You can purchase different backgrounds, transitions, intros, stickers, titles, etc. from this store. The pre-made intros on the platform help you easily create your edited videos.

You can paste these intros in your videos. Or, you may customize them according to your preferences. Not only the intros, but the users can also integrate captions, transition effects, and animations in their videos.

All such tools help to make your videos more appealing and engaging.

The advantages of the video editor do not stop here. The video editor can also help you adjust the size and rotation of your video. This means you can choose any aspect ratio for your video according to your requirements.

The software has different aspect ratios that can help you to publish your videos on different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Once you have altered the size of your video, you can adjust its background. This is possible with the help of the Chroma Key feature of the software. The Chroma Key feature allows users to change or remove the background of their videos.

Movavi Video Editor also has several one-click features. These one-click features provide a retro look to your videos. You can insert transitions or show stories with the help of the picture-in-picture option.

The feature of cutting, trimming, or joining videos is also available with a single click.

The full video suite plan of the software lets you convert media files with recording and editing what’s on your screen. Besides this plan, the software also has other advantages.

It is compatible with some of the most common file formats, like 3GP2, GPP, etc. The Plus edition of the software helps it process 4K and 1080P videos at a faster rate.

You can then use the different video editing features to edit your videos. These features include slow motion, stylization, video stabilization, audio synchronization, etc.

The audio editing tool feature helps the users add a maximum of 19 songs or music tracks at a time. You can even browse the stock audio and video collection of the software to choose audio for your video. Once your video is edited, preview it frame by frame.

When you are editing your video, you may come across different problems. To clear your queries, seek the customer support of this software.

The platform provides 24 by 7 customer support to its users. It also has learning content that can help you learn about the different features of this software. This content includes how-to guides, a learning portal, and different articles.

To get access to the different features of the software, you can subscribe to its different plans. This video editing tool has two versions. These two versions are named “video editor” and “video editor Plus”.

The price of Video Editor is $39.95. Whereas the price of video editor Plus is $59.95. You can even get the video suite for $79.95.

The Plus edition includes all of the features of the video editor as well as some extras. The additional feature includes titles, animations, stickers, videos, etc.

The video suite plan provides the user’s access to other sub-tools of the software. These sub-tools include the video recorder and video converter in Movavi.

Before subscribing to any of the paid plans, you can also get a free version of both editions of the software. This free version will help you try out the features of this editing software.

But it can be a possibility that you purchase the software but do not like its features later. In such cases, the software provides you with the option of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This feature can help you to get your money back, if you are unsatisfied with its editing performance.

9. Final Cut Pro X

Using this video editing software, you can quickly edit your videos. It is best for all Mac owners. The reason is that these owners can use their gift cards and subscriptions on this platform. With an intuitive interface, Final Cut Pro X has a plethora of comprehensive tools.

These tools help the users speed up their editing processes and provide them with several editing features. Using this software, the users can automatically sync their videos at different angles and in different formats.

You can even add different 360° effects, blurs, and 2D and 3D titles to your videos. The platform is also optimized to function at its best on the new Mac.

You can use third-party plugins to improve the look of your videos. These plugins have custom interfaces. Besides the plugins, the software has an option for smart collections.

This option helps users organize and save their content. This content is organized in a way that makes it easy to find with just a few clicks.

Other categories of visual editing features available on this software are as follows:

  • Video editing
  • Powerful media organization
  • Performance
  • Integrated audio editing
  • Customizable effects
  • Optimise output 
  • Colour grading

With so many advanced features, you need to pay a certain amount to get access to them. The price of this software touches the $300 mark.

10. Microsoft Movie Moments

Microsoft Movie Moments is yet another video editing software with an easy-to-use interface. This simple video editing platform is ideal for people with smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

However, this software is not appropriate for professional video editors. So if you want to perform basic editing on your videos with the help of a free platform, you can use Microsoft Movie Moments.

Microsoft Movie Moments has different editing features that help hasten your editing process. It also helps you with audio editing by providing you with different background music.

You can choose from a variety of inbuilt themes of the software, like energetic, strolling, Funky, etc. Not only this, but the users can even import their music.

To enhance the appearance of your videos, the platform has several video editing features. You can use the opening freeze frames, transition effects, and other filters on your videos.

But a small disadvantage of the editor on this platform is that it does not allow you to integrate transitions in your videos.

Once your videos are edited, you can easily share them on the web from this platform. You may post your videos to different social media platforms.

Some of these apps include Twitter, Facebook, OneNote, Dropbox, Skype, etc. To post your videos, you need to press the share button on your Windows, phone, or tablet. But your tablet should be PC-compatible.

If you like the editing process of Microsoft Movie Moments, you can easily download this software for free. The software is available on the Windows Store and uses 15.7 MB of your storage. Another advantage for users is the use of less storage.

11. Minitool Movie Maker

Another robust and free video editing software on our list is Mini Tool Movie Maker. This platform is ideal for Windows and helps the users edit quality videos in just minutes.

The platform has a drag-and-drop, intuitive interface. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users to add effects, transitions, titles, and filters to their videos. These users can also easily import files and videos on this platform.

Other video editing features of this platform are as follows:

  • You can easily trim, cut, or split your videos using the video trimmer option in Mini tool Movie Maker.
  • The software has many transition effects, pan and zoom effects, and animated titles and subtitles for the users. The pan and zoom effects enable the users to add motion to their videos, which makes the videos more engaging.
  • You can even adjust the speed of your videos using the speed controller on the platform.
  • The autosave option will save your videos automatically.
  •  One of the best tools on this platform is the Hollywood-style movie trailer option. You can use this tool by opting for a pre-made template and importing your videos onto it. Once your video is edited, you can share it directly from this platform.

These are some of the features of Mini tool Movie Maker. However, the software development team continues to include new features in new releases of the software. These features include improving the stability of the software and fixing bugs.

You can get access to all such features of mini tool movie maker for free. The platform works with Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

12. Lightworks


Lightworks is an all-in-one video editing software. This video creation package has been in the industry for more than 25 years. Since then, the software has been used by many film producers for their films.

Some of the movies in which Lightworks has been used include the following:

  • LA Confidential
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The King’s Speech
  • Heat
  • Pulp Fiction
  • Hugo
  • Road to perdition

The updated version of Lightworks for 2021 has a set of more comprehensive features. These features provide the users with additional import and export capabilities, format flexibility, enhanced frame rate, etc.

All such tools help these users easily edit their videos and share them on social media.

To help you create content for social media, the software also has social media templates. Its simple and intuitive interface enables beginners to quickly learn how to edit the videos.

Moreover, the platform also has several how-to guides and videos that can teach the users about its features and functionalities. The audio and video effects also help the users in their editing process. The software supports a wide range of file formats for users.

To get access to the different features of Lightworks, you can download its free version. Lightworks is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.

This software also provides a free 7-day trial to the users. Once the trial is over, you can even upgrade to the pro version. This version can help you get access to advanced features and export capabilities.

13. Wondershare Filmora, best for beginner


With an easy-to-use and basic interface, Wondershare Filmora is one of the best applications for beginners in the video editing industry. It is compatible with Windows and Mac. This video editing software has many templates, filters, a drag-and-drop effect, a soundtrack, etc.

To save the users’ time, the platform offers hotkeys and shortcut commands. Not only this, but the users can even remove or change the background of their videos. This is possible due to the green screen option of the software.

Once you have altered the background, you may make use of the drag-and-drop interface of this software. This interface provides different filters, motion elements, titles, audio, etc.

You can adjust the music volume of your video and blend two audio tracks into one another. The software helps you to do this with the help of its audio ducking feature.

To adjust the colour settings of your videos, you may opt to replace the colour of one video with another. All this is possible with the colour matching option of Wondershare Filmora. The keyframing option can help you add custom animations to your videos.

Other elements of the software include keyboard shortcuts, blending mode, colour grading, etc. Once you are done with the editing process, you can upload your videos directly to YouTube from this platform.

To get access to all such features of Wondershare Filmora, you have to opt for one of its different plans. One of the best aspects of the pricing policy of Filmora is that it provides a 30-day money-back guarantee to its users.

This means that the users can get their payment back within 30 days if they do not like the elements of this editing software.

So you may opt for:

  • The monthly plan of Fillmora. The price of this plan is $7.99 per month.
  • The second paid plan is the annual plan, which costs $44.99 per year.
  • The next paid-up plan is the business annual plan. The price of this plan is $155.88 for a single user for one year.
  • The last paid-up plan is the lifetime plan, which costs $69.99.

14. Hitfilm Express

hitfilm express

Hitfilm Express is a professional video editing software. The software consists of basic as well as advanced editing features. It is due to this reason that this software is known as an all-in-one editing platform.

 The free version of this software consists of more than 180 effects. Not only this, but this software also has the following features:

  • It consists of 3D video support.
  • The advanced cutting tools can help you trim and cut the video according to your requirements.
  • Besides editing the video, you can also adjust its audio using the audio editing features of this software.
  • The layers and masking features can also help you edit your video.

Hitfilm Express is one of the best software for professionals because it offers so many features for free. These professionals include the YouTubers who can edit their YouTube vlogs and post them.

The software does not ask you for a price to use its features. Rather, you need to do it a favour when you download it. Once you download the software, the platform solicits you to share this update on social media.

15. VideoPad

VideoPad is one of the best video editing tools for YouTube. It has an easy-to-use editor and interface, which is ideal for YouTubers. These YouTubers can use many editing elements of the software.

These elements help you edit your video with the new “Add objects” option of the software. This option is situated on the Home tab of the editor.

It helps you add animated titles, simple text, and image overlap to your videos. Not only this, but the new update to VideoPad has added 360-degree video functionality to this software.

Users who are beginning their careers in the video editing industry can use VideoPad. This is because of its easy to use interface. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Its compatibility helps you to post your videos directly from the main menu of this editing tool. Your edited videos have a quality ranging from 480p to 4K resolution.

To get access to this video software, you can opt for one of its different versions. VideoPad has two paid versions called the Home Edition and the Master Edition.

The Home Edition provides restricted elements to the users. In this edition, you will receive only two video tracks without any external plugins.

Under the master edition, there are no restrictions on the number of tracks and plugins. The price of the home edition is $34.99. Whereas the price of the master’s edition is $69.95.

16. Cyberlink Power Director 365


Cyberlink Power Director 365 is a perfect alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro. So, if you do not have the required budget for Adobe Premiere Pro, then you can use Cyberlink Power Director 365. This platform provides you with all the features of Premiere Pro at a lower cost.

The hundred track timeline can help you edit your videos with a stack of tools on this platform. These tools include correction features, professional effects, animation, motion tracking, trimming, multicam editing, stabilization tools, etc.

Moreover, the platform also provides a 360 video editing facility to the users. It supports almost all the file formats and standards. With all such professional and advanced features, the interface of the software is quite difficult to use.

Hence, this platform is not recommended for newbies in the field. Professionals and experienced filmmakers can easily use it to edit their professional videos.

If people find it difficult to use this platform, they can go through the video tutorials for the software. Other advanced features include object design tools, slideshows, DVD menus, screen recording, etc. The platform is compatible with Windows.

To get access to all the features of this editing platform, you can purchase it. The list price of Cyberlink Power Director 365 is $69.99. But you can get it at a discounted price of $59.99 from Amazon.

17. Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an ideal software to edit your videos for different social media platforms. These platforms may include Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, memes, slide shows, etc.

This software has a simple interface and a drag-and-drop editor. This editor makes it easy for beginners to edit their videos. Due to this drag-and-drop editor, you can easily add pictures, audio, and video to the timeline of your web browser.

Besides editing videos, you can also record the screen and generate memes using this platform. It provides you with the features of cropping, rotating, adjusting the colour of your videos, audio tracking, controlling the speed, adding text, trimming your videos, etc.

The software also has templates that you can change to give you more options when editing. The customizable templates also include advertisement and audio templates.

With these templates, you can easily create video advertisements or presentations. You can also browse through the stock library on the platform. This library has more than 800,000 stock videos and images.

Besides the collection of stock pictures and videos, the software has a filter and transaction library. This library, as the name implies, assists users in adding transitions and filters to their videos. These users can also resize their videos using the aspect ratio feature of Clipchamp.

But the editing features of this software do not stop here.

Let us have a look at some other editing elements of Clipchamp:

  • This software allows users to change or remove the background of their videos. This is possible due to the free green screen feature of Clipchamp.
  • You can even change your audio recordings into animations using the audio visualizer option of this software.
  • The capture screen element of Clipchamp helps you capture the screen of your computer along with its audio. Once you have captured the screen, you can even edit it.
  • Another outstanding feature of this software is the AI voice-over option. This option helps the user transform their text into speech. Hence, the AI voice over feature is used by users to create documentaries.

Besides the video editing features, Clipchamp also provides video converting and compressing tools. You can access these tools from your web browser.

As the name suggests, the compressing tool will help you reduce the size of your video. On the other hand, the converting tool will help you convert your video into a different format.

To get access to Clipchamp, you can subscribe to its different plans. The software has five pricing options.

  • The first pricing option is the basic plan, which is free of cost.
  • The next plan is the creator plan costing $9 per month.
  • The third pricing plan of Clipchamp is the business plan. Different business owners can get this plan for $19 per month.
  • The next plan, in order, is the business platinum plan. This plan provides a full business package to users for $39 per month.
  • The big teams can opt for the last paid-up plan of Clipchamp, known as the team plan. The price of this plan is quote-based.

18. Shotcut


Shotcut is a free video editing program. It is compatible with different devices, like Linux, Mac, and Windows. This editing platform is an open-source program. This means that different people can download the software and use it for free.

To help people learn more about the editing process, the software has a collection of videos and tutorials. These tutorials teach users about the functionality of different features of shotcut.

This video editing platform was initially developed for Linux. Due to this, the interface of the software is unique. It supports a wide range of video formats. This platform is best for HD and 4K video projects. Since the software is free, providing HD support is a great deal.

Besides this, the software also has several other video editing features. One of the best features is timeline editing. Moreover, you do not need to import your videos for editing on this software. This can help you save time in the case of large videos.

19. Pinnacle Studio

With some advanced editing features, you can use Pinnacle Studio for professional video editing. The software has more than a hundred effects, templates, title editing, and colour grading features.

Using the colour grading feature, you can adjust the colour combination of your pictures, mid-tones, highlights, shadows, white balance, hues, etc.

Other advanced options available in the colour grading feature include the following:

  • A colour wheel
  • Tone curve
  • Selective Vectorscope
  • HSL tuning

One of the best advantages of Pinnacle Studio over other video editors is that it supports even old video formats. These full video formats include V8, VHS, Hi8 and even other cameras.

Hence, by using the old video formats, you can convert your old formatted files into digital files.

Pinnacle Studio also offers the options of Chroma Key or green screen to the users. These options help these users remove or modify the background of their video.

Once you have edited your video, you can adjust its audio settings. These settings include adding audio, muting the audio, or adding your voice-overs and narration.

Not only this, but you can also use the Multicam capture option of the software. As the name suggests, this option allows the users to capture audio and video from different cameras.

With the Multicam capture feature, you can easily make different types of videos. These videos include tutorial videos, unboxing videos, etc.

To add motion to your video, you can use custom motion title graphics. It helps you control different features of your video, like effects, motion, and overlays.

The motion tracking element can be used with the mosaic blur option in Pinnacle Studio. Besides the motion-tracking option, you can even clone your video clips and combine them. To create slow-motion effects on your videos, the remapping feature should be used.

Once you have edited your video, you may want to resize it. For this, you can use different editing features. These basic editing elements help you to rotate, split, trim, cut, or crop your video.

But the features of the software do not end here. You are also given the option of different add ons. These add ons can include third-party plugins, DVDs, captured videos, etc. 

With so many advanced features and options, you can use Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle Studio has three pricing plans.

  • The first paid version is known as Pinnacle Studio 24. The cost of this version is $54.95.
  • The next paid version is known as Pinnacle Studio 24 Plus, which costs $89.95.
  • The last paid-up version of the software is Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate. You can get this version for a price of $109.95.

20. Invideo


InVideo is one of the best video editing platforms for creating marketing videos for your vlogs. The software is compatible with Macs and Windows. Different people, like agencies, publishers, marketers, and business owners, can use this video editing tool.

Invideo is appreciated by a greater audience out there in the market. This is because the software provides great customer service and UX to the users. With its easy-to-use interface, it is ideal for beginners in the video editing industry.

Besides an easy-to-use interface, Invideo also provides several other features, like:

  • Automated voice records
  • Intelligent frames
  • This software has more than 3500 pre-made templates. It also adds new templates almost every month.
  • The option to adjust your speed
  • Collaboration capabilities
  • Video stabilisation
  • The software supports HD resolution.
  • You can split, merge, trim, or cut your videos on this platform.
  • The facility of text or brand overlay is also available.
  • 24 by 7 customer support
  • Multilingual videos

You can get access to this software for free. But the software comes with a watermark.

You can pay $10 per month to have the watermark removed. This amount is applicable if the payment is billed annually. But if the payment is billed monthly, then the price to get the watermark removed is $20 per month.

21. Camtasia


Using Camtasia, you can easily create your videos with a professional finish. This platform is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux. If you are a beginner in the video editing industry, then you can use Camtasia to edit your videos.

It helps you streamline your video editing process with its set of comprehensive editing tools. These tools allow you to zoom in, zoom out, or use the pan animation effects on your videos.

You can even record and import your videos from other platforms to this software. To make your videos more appealing, the users may use the annotations, callouts, and titles of the software.

These users can also visit the library on this platform. This library consists of more than 900,000 pieces of royalty-free music, stock images, videos, and other assets. You can customize these assets according to your requirements. 

Not only this, but the users can also make your videos more engaging. This is possible due to the integration of interactive features like quizzes and different questions. These features assist users in creating instructional videos.

This video editor lets users not only make videos for learning, but also videos to get feedback from their audience. To get access to all such features, you can subscribe to the different plans of Camtasia.

Camtasia provides a volume discount pricing policy. Under this policy, users can get a certain quantity of this software for a fixed price.

  • If the quantity is 1 to 5, the price is $249.99.
  • If the quantity is from 5 to 9, then the price is $239.04.
  • For quantities ranging between 10 to 14, the price is $232.49.
  • In the same way, quantities ranging from 15 to 24 can be purchased for $224.99.

22. Openshot

Openshot is an award-winning, open-source video editing software. With its easy to use and drag and drop interface, it makes video editing easy for beginners. These beginners can use OpenShot on mac, Linux and windows. 

Due to its intuitive user interface, the program may be compared with iMovie. But it has more advanced features than iMovie. These features include audio editing and unlimited layers.

Other editing features can help you to rotate, trim, resize, cut, scale, and snap your videos. You can also add transitions and effects to your videos.

The software provides title templates, animated titles, and title creation effects to the users. Once you are done with the editing, you can preview your clips. Previewing will help you get an idea of your edited video.

Other advanced features of OpenShot are as follows:

  • You can automate your video editing on your private cloud using this software.
  • It helps you customize the videos due to its simple integration features.
  • This software provides “pay as you go” pricing options.
  • It has an openshot cloud API.

The only disadvantage of the software is that it does not provide many video tutorials to the users. So it may be difficult for these users to learn how to use it.

If you want to use openshot cloud API, you can purchase it. The prices for this API begin at $0.15 per hour. This can amount to approximately $108 per month if you continuously use the software. This fee does not include the server fees for Amazon EC2.

23. Renderforest


Renderforest has some of the best online branding tools. These tools enable the software to create graphics, videos, animations, etc. for the users.

The platform is a cloud-based video editing software. The users can easily create animations and videos for YouTube with this software. To edit videos and create animations with this software, you can use the Renderforest on any browser.

Besides creating intros and outros for YouTube, you can also create explainer animations with this software. The time-efficient solutions of the software will help you quickly edit your videos.

You may even create application tutorials using this platform. Once your videos are edited, you can upload them from this platform.

To get access to all its features, you can subscribe to one of its different plans. The least paid-up plan of Renderforest initiates at $6.99 per month for a single user. You can also get access to this software for $9.99 per month or for $19.99 per month.

24. Blender


Blender is yet another open-source video editing software on our list. This is an all-in-one editing software that helps the users with video editing, creating animation, 2D animation, motion tracking, etc.

You can easily customize or edit your videos due to the API of the platform. This API is meant for Python scripts. The platform helps the users combine 2D and 3D images while editing their videos.

They can even work in multilayer open EXR files with this software. To customize the video editing process, the platform allows users to modify its animation editor.

These users can even improve the animation support with the onion skinning feature of the platform. To streamline the video editing process of the users, Blender allows them to attain flexibility in their editing process.

This is done by customizing the shortcuts and window layouts. So, the video editors can get access to this platform for free. This open-source video editing platform helps users provide a professional finish to their edited videos.

25. Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite is a free version of the famous video editing platform, Machete. This version helps users edit their videos quickly and simply. You can easily perform basic editing on your video through this software.

These functions include copying and moving a certain fragment of a video, deleting a fragment, mixing and saving individual parts of a video, or slicing the video.  You can do basic editing to your video, but you can also take out parts of its audio.

The difference between the lite version and the original version of this editor is its compatibility. The Lite version of this editing platform is compatible only with a limited number of formats.

These formats include WMV and AVI files. Another limitation of using the lite version is that this version does not support audio editing. This means you can’t use this video editing platform to replace or add audio to your videos.

Other features of the editing platform are available in the lite version. These features enable the users of the software to easily edit the videos without requiring any previous experience in the editing field.

Hence, this means the Lite version of the video editing platform has an easy to use and intuitive interface. Such an interface makes it easy for the users to edit their videos in just a few minutes. These users can easily edit their videos if they have never done it before.

Other important elements to consider before editing in Machete Video Editor Lite:

  • This software lets you edit WMV video files and WMA audio files.
  • Users can even edit AVI video files on this platform.
  • To edit the videos, the users may copy, cut, paste, or delete certain fragments of the videos.
  •  They may even mix two video files into one another. But this is possible only if both video files have the same format.
  • The software also enables the users to save certain parts of a video as different files.
  • The software lets users change the file tags of the media so that it is easier for them to edit. But they can only modify the file tags of the supported video formats.

After editing the videos, the users can save them in different file formats. In later and Windows Vista, these file formats include a bitmap file or a JPEG and PNG file.

26. Rocketium

Rocketium is another video editing platform that is part of the SaaS package. Rocketium, which has a media library of over 15 million assets, assists users in streamlining their video editing process. These users can even collaborate with their colleagues to edit videos quickly.

To customise your videos, you can use the different editing tools of Rocketium. This software also provides an integration facility of API and SDK. It is one of the best editing platforms for beginners because of its easy to use interface. 

These beginners can use more than a thousand customizable templates and filters in the software. Not only this, but the platform also provides more than a thousand plugins and video templates to the users.

These users can also use the Adobe plugin for Rocketium. The videos that you edit on this platform will help you attract more target audiences to your website.

To get access to all such features, you can opt for the different pricing options of this software. You can either get your payment billed annually or monthly. Annual plans will help you get two months for free.

The paid plans for this software are meant for either individuals or teams. The best paid-up plans for individuals include the professional and expert plans.

  • The cost of the professional plan is $49 per month.
  • The cost of the expert plan is $99 per month.

Similarly, various teams and organizations can select either the business or team plan.

  • The price of the business plan is $399 per month.
  • The teams can get the team plan for $199 per month.

One of the best aspects of the pricing policy of Rocketium is its free 7-day trial. This trial helps the users learn about the editing elements of the software. It also enables them to decide whether they want to pay for using this software or not. 

Summing up!

So, this was our list of some of the best video editing platforms. These platforms can help you create intriguing videos and edit them according to your requirements.

A good video is very crucial for your business. It can either help you to attract a greater target audience or make you lose your customers. A good video editing platform can help you boost your ROI and increase your earnings.

Your earnings can be increased by increasing the advertising revenue on your website or videos.

So before choosing any video editing platform, you should always consider various factors.

What are the factors that you should consider before selecting any video editing software?

These factors include the following:

  • The user interface of your software
  • Price of the software
  • Platforms supported by the software
  • Elements of video and audio editing
  • Special effects, templates, and filters of the software
  • Video formats that the software supports for import and export
  • Hardware requirements of the software

Besides these factors, you can also consider other factors according to the requirements of your video. Moreover, the factors considered by different individuals to edit their videos may be different.

For example, a professional in the video editing industry may scrutinize other elements of video editing software. In the same way, a beginner in the industry may opt for some simple video and audio editing elements.

Not only a professional or a beginner but also the people who follow different professions should consider their factors. Some of the best video editors for Youtubers include iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, Lightworks Renderforest, and Final Cut Pro X.

Free or Paid video editing platform

One of the most important factors that each individual considers before choosing any editing platform is the price. Should you choose a free video editing software or video editing software available for a fee?

Let us know the answer to this question. Many free video editing platforms provide you with some of the best features. If you are satisfied with all of the editing features of a free video editing platform, you should use it.

But there can be cases when different professionals may be looking for a more powerful and robust editor. They might want an editor with good built-in resources and technical support that is easy to reach.

In such cases, you should not hesitate to pay a certain fee to use these features. Apart from free and paid video editing features, there is a third option as well.

This option includes downloading free software such as Hitfilm or VideoPad. After downloading this software, you can purchase its additional editing elements for a fee.

 Now let us know the usage of different video editing platforms according to their niche.

  • The best video editing platforms for beginners include Wondershare Filmora, Adobe Premiere Rush, Openshot and videopad.
  • The best video editing platform for 4D or 3D animations is Blender.
  • One of the best video editing programs for video slicing is Machete Lite.
  • You can use Adobe Premiere Rush to edit your videos quickly from your mobile app.
  • Filmora is one of the best apps to help you customize your videos by adding themes, text, and overlays.
  • If Mac users want to start professional video editing, then they can use iMovie.
  • Davinci Resolve makes it simple to correct the colors in your videos. 
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