How To Find Someone’s Instagram? By Name, Email, Or Phone Number?

How To Find Someone’s Instagram? By Name, Email, Or Phone Number?

In this technological era, connecting with people all over the globe has become easier than ever. Different social media applications and websites are constantly adding new built-in features in their software so that users can easily interact with people. The same goes for Instagram. Instagram can help you to connect with the people you know only with a name, email, or phone number.

So let’s have a look at the different steps that will help you to find someone through his or her name, email, or phone number on Instagram.

Finding People On Instagram

With more than 500 million active users, no doubt it is difficult to find the right person you are looking for on Instagram. However, the constantly developing algorithms of Instagram make it easier for you to find specific people through their name, email, or even phone number. Here are different methods that will help you look for a person using his or her name, email, or phone number.

Finding Someone Using Their Name On Instagram

As soon as you open Instagram, you can see the search bar with the magnifying icon on top of it. This search bar is the easiest way to search for a person with the help of their name. Once you look upon the search bar to enter the username of the person, you will see different types of options that can help you to filter down your search. These options are explained below:

  • Top: The top filter helps you to search for people using their engagement and search rankings. So if you are looking for a famous personality, then the top feature is a great option to narrow down your search.
  • Account: As the name suggests, this filter option will enable you to search only for the people or accounts on the search bar.
  • Audio: This new filter of Instagram even helps you look for specific audios on the search bar so that you can find the person using the audios.
  • Tags: The tag filter will help you to look for a specific person using hashtags.
  • Places: Besides using a name, email, or phone number, you can even search for accounts that are close to your location using this filter.
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Now, the different steps you need to perform to find a particular person using their name on Instagram are mentioned below. However, before looking at the steps, you should know that once you start typing the name, you can see a plethora of options to choose from. Since this list is quite big, you can scroll down to see the required person. To narrow down your search, you can use the different filters mentioned above.

Step 1. Open your Instagram account and tap the search bar in the application or the browser.

Step 2. Choose any of the filters mentioned above according to which you want to look for the Instagram user.

Step 3. Enter the name of the account, hashtag or location according to your filter.

Step 4. Once done, you can see a list of different results. Scroll down the list to find the appropriate profile.

Hence, by using the above-mentioned steps, you can easily look for a person with the help of his or her name on Instagram.

Finding Someone Using Email On Instagram

how to see who viewed your instagram profile

Generally, you may find it difficult to search for users on Instagram using their email. Though there is no direct method to look for an Instagram user using an email on the app itself, you can do it indirectly. This means you can use third-party platforms or services to look for people on Instagram using their email.

One of the best ways to find someone using their email on Instagram is through Facebook. All you need to do is open your Facebook and enter the email of the required person. Once you find his or her profile, you can send an invitation.  When your invitation is accepted, you can simply connect your Facebook with Instagram and find the required person. 

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Since Instagram is also a Facebook project, the information on both these apps is linked. So it becomes easy for you to link your Facebook friends on Instagram with the help of the methods explained below.

Step 1. Open your Instagram account and click on the profile option.

Step 2. Here you can see the settings option where you need to open the ‘Discover people’ feature.

Step 3. Under the ‘Discover people’ heading, you can see the blue button named ‘Connect to Facebook.’

Step 4. Press on the continue option to allow Facebook and Instagram to connect.

Step 5. Now the screen will prompt you to log into your Facebook account.

Step 6. Once you log in and press the continue button, you are providing permission to connect your Facebook account with Instagram.

Step 6.  After a few minutes, you can see your Facebook friends list on Instagram.

Step 7. From here, you can choose the required account to follow or even tap on the ‘Follow all’ button present on the top of the page.

Hence these are the simple steps with which you can use the email ID of a person to find him or her on Instagram.

Finding Someone On Instagram Using Their Phone Number

Instagram helps you amplify your network and increase your followers with the help of your contacts. This means if you do not know the username or the email of a person, then you can connect with him or her using their phone number. All you need to do is first add the person to your contact list. Once done, follow the steps mentioned below:

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Step 1. Open your Instagram account and click on the profile option.

Step 2. Tap the settings option and select the ‘Discover people’ feature.

Step 3. Here you can see the contacts option.

Step 4. Press the ‘Connect contacts’ button that will help to link your contacts with the Instagram app.

Step 5. Once you press the ‘Connect contacts’ option, Instagram will ask for access to your contacts. Grant the required permission.

Step 6. Now after a few minutes, you can see your list of contacts on Instagram. You can select the account you want to follow and send them a request. In case you want to follow all your contacts, you can press the ‘Follow all’ button present at the top of the page.

However, there can be a situation where a particular person is not present on Instagram with the phone number you have. In such cases, you will not be able to see his or her profile when you link your contacts with Instagram.

Finding Someone On Instagram Using Third-party Platforms

In case you do not want to undergo the hectic processes mentioned above, you can even take the help of third-party platforms to search for someone’s Instagram using their name, email, or phone number. Some of these tools that help you to find someone on Instagram are:

  • BeenVerified
  • Spokeo
  • People looker

Parting Thoughts!

So that is almost everything you need to know about this topic. We hope that this article will help you search for the person you wish to find on Instagram easily. If you want to clear your queries, you can always comment below.

Good luck.

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