Verizon Call Forwarding: How To Activate, Cancel or Turn Off?

Verizon Call Forwarding: How To Activate, Cancel or Turn Off?

Call forwarding is a great feature that can help you to forward your mobile calls to another mobile number or even a landline number. If the call forwarding feature is activated on any of your numbers, you won’t receive the rings on that particular mobile phone. The reason behind this is that the call will then be directly linked to the phone number you have entered for forwarded calls.

Here’s a quick guide that will help you know the step-by-step procedures to turn the call forwarding feature either on or off. But before that, let’s know the different aspects of call forwarding on Verizon.

What Is the Cost of Call Forwarding?

There is no extra fee for call forwarding on Verizon. However, if you do not have any unlimited minutes, you will be billed for all the forwarded calls according to your plan. The cost of the bill will be the same as when you are answering from your mobile phone on your number.

So there are no monthly charges for call forwarding on most of the plans of Verizon. However, if you are using specific older plans, a certain fee may apply.

How to Activate Verizon Call Forwarding?

Whether it is your latest iPhone or an Android device, you can easily turn on the call forwarding feature on Verizon with a basic setup. Additionally, Verizon provides a call forwarding feature on all its plans.

The basic call forwarding feature of Verizon is also referred to as immediate call forwarding. The process of forwarding your call on Verizon is quite straightforward. However, before activating this feature, you should know that you will not receive any calls on your mobile number after call forwarding activation. Instead, you will receive calls on the number that is used for call forwarding. So let’s glance at the basic steps to activate call forwarding on Verizon.

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To activate call forwarding, all you need to do is dial *72 along with the phone number you want to forward calls to. But make sure to dial this number from your mobile phone.

Forwarding your calls will help you if you have forgotten your phone at home. In such situations, you can turn on call forwarding by visiting the Verizon call forwarding page or simply calling customer care.

How To Cancel or Turn Off Verizon Call Forwarding

Turning off call forwarding is also quite easy. Here, you need to dial *73 along with the mobile phone number to turn call forwarding off.

How to Activate Verizon Conditional Call Forwarding?

Conditional call forwarding helps to forward calls only when you do not pick up the call on your phone number. This means that the calls will be forwarded only when you are busy or on another line.

To activate the conditional call forwarding, you can dial *71 along with the mobile number you want to forward the calls to. The major advantage of this feature is that you can still make outbound calls when it is activated.

The basic difference between conditional call forwarding and call forwarding is that here you get a chance to answer the calls. However, if you missed three to four rings or are busy on another line, the call will be forwarded to the destined phone number.

How to Turn Off Verizon Conditional Call Forwarding?

If you want to turn off the conditional call forwarding on Verizon, then you can do it just like you turn off the standard call forwarding feature. This means here, you have to dial *73 along with the mobile phone number to turn conditional call forwarding off.

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Another method to activate or cancel call forwarding on Verizon is through the My Verizon Website. So let’s have a look at the steps to turn call forwarding on or off through the Internet.

How to Activate or Cancel Verizon Call Forwarding Using the Internet?

Verizon Call Forwarding - How To Activate, Cancel or Turn Off

Activate Call Forwarding Through My Verizon

Instead of dialing the numbers mentioned above to activate call forwarding on Verizon, you can use your web browser to do the same. When you open your web browser, you need to sign in to My Verizon.

Once you are logged in, you can navigate to Account and then ‘My Devices’ options respectively. Now, select the ‘Device Overview’ button and click ‘Manage Device.’

Now you have to Scroll down to the Call Forwarding section and then choose ‘Manage’. Here you can see a drop-down menu of ‘Select mobile number’ where you should select the mobile number receiving the calls presently.

Now move on to the ‘Forward Mobile Number to’ section and enter the mobile number to which you need to forward your calls. To make this process a success, you need to click on the Update Call Forwarding status. At the end of it, you can verify the process from the ‘Select Verification Option’ where you have to enter the desired method for verification, like your mobile device or email, and then press the send button.

In case you select a mobile device, a push notification will be sent to your mobile device. However, in the case of an email, you will receive a message with a link. No matter what is your verification method, you can approve the call forwarding request from it. Make sure to approve the verification request within two minutes. Otherwise, you will have to go through the hectic process of all the above steps again.

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Turn Off Call Forwarding Through My Verizon

In order to cancel the call forwarding feature through My Verizon, you need to follow the above steps. Once you reach the ‘select mobile number’ drop-down menu, you can select your mobile number and then click on the ‘cancel call forwarding’ option.

Activating or Canceling the Call Forwarding Option without Internet Service

Sometimes you may not have an Internet connection or your mobile phone, or you may not be having your mobile phone only. In such cases, you can get confused as to how to activate or cancel the call forwarding feature. But modifying this feature without Internet service is quite easy. You can just call customer service at 800-922-0204 and tell them the required function to be performed.

Important points to know regarding the call forwarding feature of Verizon.

  • The number to which you choose to forward the calls should have an active voice-capable line.
  • Verizon call forwarding is not applicable on international numbers. (Non-US numbers)
  • The number you choose to forward the call to should be 10 digits long, and it should include the area code even if it is a local number.
  • The call forwarding feature of Verizon is not applicable to forward text messages to the forwarded number. For this, you need to set up another Verizon messages feature.
  •  If the callers hear a busy ringtone even after you have forwarded your calls, it may be because of the wrong number you entered. Sometimes pressing additional buttons while entering your forwarded number may be inevitable. So, you should be careful while entering the forwarding number and check it correctly.

Parting Thoughts!

Though forwarding calls is not rocket science, the process needs to be followed correctly. If you are careless while entering your forwarded call number, you may not receive the calls at all. Hopefully, this guide has solved your problem!

Good luck!

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