There are umpteen beauty blogs available on the web presently. According to research, more than 500,000,000 blogs are present on the web in the US alone.

This number continues to grow every day. So why don’t you reap the advantages of the growing number of blogs on the web by making use of your skills?

Among the different types of blogs, beauty blogs are quite popular. With the help of beauty blogs, bloggers can exhibit their creativity and pursue their passion for beauty.

Creating beauty blogs is an ideal opportunity for all the people who have an interest in beauty and fashion. As a beauty expert, you can share your knowledge about products and different fashion tips and hacks.

If different cosmetic brands and companies like your beauty blogs and style of writing, they may even hire you. These brands may require top beauty bloggers to review their products in exchange for money.

However, beauty blogging is a busy niche. There is intense competition in this category. So you need to make sure that the beauty blogs you create stand out from the rest. With the right type of website, some tips, and hard work, you can make a good beauty website.

If you are ready to start your blog in beauty, then this article is for you. But before knowing how to create, let us know the purposes for which you may create your beautiful beauty blog.

Why should you Make a Beauty Blog?

Blogging is a profitable career for people in this era of digitalization. There are different types of blogs, like travel blogs, beauty blogs, movie blogs, music blogs, photography blogs, etc.

People may create different types of blogs based on their preferences and hobbies. Similarly, there are several reasons for which individuals may create beauty blogs. Let us have a look at them.

  • Pursuing your Passion

Many beauty bloggers make blogs because they love fashion and beauty and want to write about it. These bloggers like to create blogs and share information with their audience about different beauty products or their hacks.

When you do something you love, then there are greater chances of success. So if you are pursuing beauty blogging out of passion, you will devote your full time and attention to this career. This will help you gain success at a faster rate.

  • Discussing Products

Sometimes beauty bloggers create their blogs to discuss different products. These products relate to the makeup and fashion niches like hair care, nail care, skincare, etc.

If you want, you can promote or suggest certain products and even suggest the disadvantages of the products you do not like. Once you develop an audience base and they develop trust and confidence in you, they are likely to listen to your suggestions.

  • Exclusive Events and Conferences

Some of the individuals may also like to exhibit their talent for beauty blogging by visiting the exclusive events. As a beauty blogger, several brands may invite you to their conferences and events.

These companies may also provide you with samples of their products before launching them on the market.

  • Build a Community of Likewise Bloggers

When you create beauty blogs, you also read similar blogs by other people. This will help you connect with other bloggers in the industry.

Once you connect with them, you can even take up their ideas and suggestions. In this way, you can build a community of beauty bloggers.

When you know that others are striving in the same field as you, you are likely to build confidence. These beauty bloggers also learn from the moves of their competitors about prospective situations.

  • Enhance your Personal Brand

You may even create beauty blogs to enhance your professional image. Once you have a larger audience following you, you are likely to build a strong personal brand. The beauty blog helps you promote the products and services of your brand.

  • Monetize your Beauty Blog and Start Making Money

One of the major reasons individuals create beauty blogs is to monetize your blog. Money serves as a profitable incentive for people to create their beauty blogs.

Using your beauty blog, you can pursue your profession by sharing your knowledge and experience with the audience and earn a good income at the same time.

Many ways can help bloggers create beauty blog and make money. Let us have a look at them.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way for beauty bloggers to promote beauty products or services. These products may include hair care products, skin care products, beauty products, eye palettes, concealers, foundations, lipsticks, etc.

Besides the products, the beauty bloggers may also promote the services of different salons or even makeup artists. To recommend these products to their audiences, beauty bloggers need to place an affiliate link in their blogs.

When the audience clicks on such links, they are redirected to the official page of the particular product or service. From there, if the viewers make any successful purchases, the beauty bloggers can earn commission.

Different affiliate programs have different terms and conditions. Let us have a look at the various affiliate networks and programs. that are meant for fashion and beauty bloggers.

  • Mac


As a person who is interested in the beauty and fashion niches, you must have heard the name Mac. Besides being a cosmetic beauty brand, Mac also has an affiliate program.

Bloggers can use this program to promote the products of this brand on their blogs. Once they make any successful referrals, they can earn commission. It is pretty easy to promote the Mac product and services on your blog.

The brand provides several coupons and discounts to its users. It also has the option of free shipping. Other advantages of using this platform include free return and exchange policies, a money-back guarantee, and security features.

  • Coloresciences


Coloresciences is another brand related to skincare, makeup, and sun care products. It not only manufactures the products but also distributes them. Besides this, the brand also has an affiliate program.

Using the affiliate program, beauty bloggers can promote its products. In exchange for this promotion, they receive a 5% commission along with a free sample and free shipping.

It is comparatively easier to promote the products on this platform due to different offers and discounts. The in-depth tracking system of the software will help you track your sales and your commission.

  • Sephora

sephora logo

Sephora is a reputed beauty store. This store has more than 300 brands that provide beauty products in a huge variety. Besides the products, the store also has an affiliate program.

The affiliate program of Sephora provides the affiliates with access to about 13,000 high-quality products. Apart from the products, Sephora’s affiliate program has approximately 200 brands.

Once you promote its products, you can receive a commission. The commission is provided to the beauty and fashion bloggers through link sharing.

Along with the commissions, you also receive free shipping for orders over $50 and free samples. Another advantage of promoting the products on Sephora is that the platform is free to use. And it also provides different offers, newsletters, and promotions.

  • Juice Beauty

juice beauty

Juice Beauty is a North Californian beauty and skincare company. Since 2005, the brand has provided numerous makeup products to its users. To get its products promoted, Juice Beauty has an affiliate program.

Bloggers can use this program to earn commissions through link sharing. When you promote the products and services of the platform, you can receive a commission rate of approximately 6%.

Besides the commission rate, the platform also provides a discount, offers, and promotions.


Research shows that about 70% of a full-time blogger’s income may come from advertising on their blog. Fashion bloggers can place advertisements on their fashion blogs.

They may advertise makeup products, skincare products, beauty products, hair care products, etc.

One of the best platforms that helps users earn income through advertisements is Google AdSense. Google AdSense is quite easy to use, and it provides advertisements to the users.

You can get paid when people click on these advertisements. Other platforms that can help you earn income by placing advertisements on your blogs include Chitika,, Infolinks, pop ads, blogAds, etc.

Sponsored Content and Collaborations

Different reputed brands and companies connect with fashion bloggers to promote their brands. As a fashion blogger, you can promote the brands of different companies through your YouTube videos, blogs, Pinterest collaborations, etc.

These fashion bloggers also tend to collaborate with companies that have a similar audience.

Online Classes and Seminars

The bloggers may sell e-courses and provide links to their online classes and seminars on their fashion blogs. These beauty and fashion bloggers teach the audience about basic makeup courses or even beauty tips and tricks.

All such courses will help you earn an income.

Hence, these are the reasons or purposes for which you may start your own beauty blog. Once you know the incentive to create your beauty blog, you can pursue this profession with full motivation.

Now let us know the different steps that can help you create your beauty blog.

How to Start a Beauty Blog? 

1. Choose a Beauty Niche

As we know, the niche of your blog is beauty. However, beauty is quite a vast area and has several subjects. So if you want to attract more traffic to your beauty blogs and stay in the market, then you should work at a micro-level.

The reason behind this is simple. If you choose the beauty blog without specifying a particular topic or niche, then you need to write the beauty blog in general.

This means you will not be able to specify your target audience. Hence, it will make it difficult for you to impress a larger audience out there in the market.

However, if you pick a single, focused niche, then you can easily define your target audience. Once you know the preferences and tastes of your target audience, you can easily align your beauty blogs according to their requirements.

As mentioned above, it is easier to impress a particular section of the community than to impress the community as a whole.

So there are several focused topics that you can choose for your beauty blogs.

Let us understand this with the help of an example. If you like to purchase new beauty and fashion products, then you can become a fashion reviewer.

As a blogger, you may review different products and services related to beauty and fashion on your blog. On the other hand, you may not like to purchase different makeup products.

But you may be interested in nail art. In this case, you may focus on the niche of nail art. Now let us have a look at the different beauty-related niches that you can opt for in your beauty blogs.

  • Reviewing products: This is one of the most common types of beauty blogs that individuals make. In their blogs, they tend to review different beauty-related products. This review helps the target audience know about the advantages and disadvantages of the product. If the target audience has trust and confidence in the fashion blogger, they are likely to hear the suggestions and reviews mentioned in the blogs.
  • Complementing your YouTube channel: If you already have a YouTube channel related to fashion and beauty, you can use your beauty blog to complement it. Here you may promote and share your YouTube videos related to different beauty products. As a blogger, you can even explain in detail your YouTube videos related to beauty and fashion.
  • Product hauls: Another topic that you may choose for your beauty blogs is to conduct product hauls. You can blog about your experience with different makeup products. As a beauty blogger, you may also describe your favorite monthly products to your audience.
  • Beauty blogs for beginners: Generally, when an individual starts or begins to pursue fashion, makeup, and beauty, he or she is likely to surf the web and conduct research thoroughly. So you can fulfill the requirements of these beginners by providing them with beauty blogs. For this, you should create beauty blogs that can help beginners learn about the respective topic in the best possible manner. For example, you may create a blog to teach makeup to beginners. Or, you may create a blog to teach nail art to beginners.
  • Tutorials: With effective skills in different categories of beauty and fashion, you can create tutorials to teach your audience. These categories may include skincare, makeup, haircare, nail art, etc. You can link the tutorials and videos with your written content in the blogs to share your knowledge and earn income.

Now you know the different niches in which you may create your beauty blogs. However, the task is to choose a particular niche that can help you earn a great income.

Generally, when you are beginning your career in beauty blogging, it is recommended to choose only one or two niches. This is because, as mentioned earlier, the more specific your niche, the more specific will be its target audience.

However, as you grow as a beauty blogger, you may add up to different niches to increase the scope of blogging. Once you have decided on a niche, the next step is to choose a particular category for your blogs.

The different categories that you can choose for your beauty blogs are as follows:

  • Make up

You may teach your audience about the different categories of makeup. These categories can involve eyes, lips, eyebrows, etc. The entire makeup process is quite hectic task.

You can teach each subcategory, like contouring, applying the base of the foundation and primer, concealing the hyperpigmented areas and the dark spots, applying eye makeup, or even the correct usage of applying lipstick and lip liner.

  • Skin care

Just like makeup, skin care also has a variety of subcategories. You may provide skin care methods for different types of skin, like oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, etc.

The beauty bloggers can also provide skin care based on schedule, like weekly skin care routines, daily skin care routines, monthly skin care routines, etc.

  • Nails

If you have skills in nail art, then you may teach your audience about it. You can also provide them with tips related to the growth of their nails at a faster pace.

  • Affordable fashion and beauty

Some people want to align with the latest fashion and beauty trends. However, they do not have the required budget to stay up to date with fashion and beauty trends.

For this, you may provide affordable beauty and fashion hacks to the target audience. To help them with affordable beauty, the bloggers can provide them with the different drugstore brands and descriptions of different affordable makeup products.

Similarly, you may provide several fashion hacks that can help the audience save money.

For example, you can encourage your audience to use a long skirt as a dress. In this way, they can use a single piece of clothing in two different ways. Or, you may advise them how to use a scarf as a shrug.

  • High-End beauty products

As mentioned above, some people want to get affordable beauty products. On the other hand, some people may relate the quality of the products to their price.

It is for this reason that they may want blog about luxury skin care, beauty and health products. You can create your blogs according to this target audience, where you explain the beauty and skin care niche that relates to high-end beauty products.

  • Minimalist or DIY beauty routines

Some women want minimalist beauty routines for their daily schedules. They may prefer homemade or DIY beauty products over chemical products. For this, you can suggest homemade face masks, makeup products, and even other DIY hacks.

Some of these hacks include:

  1. Using lip balm or Vaseline as your blush and highlighter. 
  2. Using your lipstick for your eye makeup.
  3. Using the brown eyeshade as your contour.
  4. Using compact to increase the coverage of your foundation.
  • Cruelty-free beauty products

You can even suggest some vegan products in your beauty blogs to the people who want them. These products may range in different categories like hair care, makeup, and skin care.

Once you have done the planning and decided on the particular niche and category for your beauty blogs, you can move on to the next step.

beauty blog

2. Select your Domain Name for your Beauty Blog

The next step is to choose the right name for your beauty or makeup blog. The domain name is one of the most important features of your beauty blog. It provides the first impression for your viewers when they visit your site.

It is for this reason that you should choose an interesting and unique name of your blog. The name of your beauty blog website is known as its domain name. To choose the domain name for your beauty blog website, you can follow these steps.

  • Create a vocabulary of words

Before settling on the name of your beauty blog website, you should create a vocabulary of all the words related to the fashion and beauty niches.

Once you know the particular category in the beauty niche, you can easily pick out several synonyms and words for your domain name. Some examples that can help you choose words are as follows:

  1. Natural beauty words like vegan, organic, raw, sustainable, real, pure, etc.
  2. Hair beauty blog words like waves, curls, straight, brunette, length, cut, shape, etc.
  3. Makeup and beauty blog words like “eyeshadow, lip liner, lipstick, blush, foundation, concealer, contour stick, eyeliner, lip gloss, etc.
  4. Skin Care beauty blog words like acne, scrub, wrinkles, face masks, exfoliate, DIY remedies, pores, etc.
  5. Nail art beauty blog words like nail paint, manicure, length, shape, colour, polish, tips, etc.

You should create a list of all the words related to your niche. This is because when the target audience searches for the beauty blog with the help of the keywords, they can easily find your blog. Creating a list will help you decide the name of your website.

  • Combine the words

Once you have created a bank of beauty-related words, the next step is to mix and match these words. Combining different words will help you get the perfect domain name for your beauty blog.

But before combining, one of the best ways is to find the synonyms of the words in the thesaurus. A thesaurus is a dictionary that can help you find more relatable synonyms for the words you have already looked out for.

Let us understand the combining process of the words to create your domain name with an example.

Say, for example, you want to create a domain name for your hairstyle blogs. You can look out for the word ‘hairstyle’ in your thesaurus dictionary.

You will receive several synonyms like hairdo, braid, ponytail, Bob, etc. By using adjectives along with these synonyms, you can create your domain.

Another technique for mixing and combining the words is to use a combination of opposites. In the hair beauty blog, you can use opposites like ‘straight waves’ or ‘dull gloss’.

These opposites are likely to intrigue the target audience, and they will become curious to know more about your blogs. If you do not use opposites, then you would use words for the above examples like ‘curly waves’ or ‘shining gloss’.

These words are quite common and may not intrigue your target audience.

Another strategy that can help you combine and match your words and phrases is alliteration. Alliteration means that a phrase consists of all the words that start with the same letter.

Due to this repetition, alliteration helps you create a captivating and attractive name. This is because when you speak a blog name that has alliteration in it, it rolls off your tongue and provides a creative effect.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

Many bloggers use alliteration in their domain names, like the skin care savior, the good glow, the beauty bunny, blonde beauty, the British beauty blogger, the barefoot blonde, etc.

Besides alliteration, you can also use simple phrases that are very interesting and catchy. These phrases should also be easy to remember so that people can remember your domain name.

  • Unique domain name

Once you have combined the different words, you should make sure that your domain name is unique and catchy. Instead of choosing something boring, you should choose something bold that can be remembered by the audience.

The blog names that can intrigue the audience include Glowy Golden Girl, From The Nail Files, French Tips: Red Lips, Vanity Fairest, etc.

When you create a unique domain name, you should make sure that it aligns with your personality. You can show your personal style with the help of different adjectives when creating a unique domain name.

  •  Easy to spell and remember

Let us say that you choose a unique and compelling domain name. However, this name is very difficult to spell and remember.

The audience likes your name but does not remember it while searching for it. This will lose you some prospective visitors.

So, you should make sure that your blog name or domain name is easy to spell and remember. When you choose words for your domain, make sure that they are quite simple to understand and spell.

You can always make a domain name easy to remember by keeping it between 2 and 4 words long. When people remember your domain name, they are likely to come back to it and search for it.

Moreover, a simple name is likely to be remembered by all strata of society.

Some of the simple domain names include:

  • Pretty connected
  • The small things
  • 15-minute beauty
  • Vegan beauty
  • Confessions of a beauty blogger
  • Exfoliate away
  • The scope of growth

When you choose a domain name, you should make sure that it has room for growth. This means you should not restrict the scope of the growth of your domain name to a particular category or topic.

You should always try not to use words that may change with time.

For example, do not use the words single or broke. This is because with time, you may not be single and may become wealthier. Hence, you should choose the domain name in such a way that it is flexible to your niche. 

  • Beauty blog name generator

Some people are not more creative than others. So if you want to stand out from your competitors, you can use the help of a beauty blog name generator.

A beauty blog name generator is online software or a tool that can help you get a domain name. First of all, you should provide the tool with certain keywords.

Then, it assesses these keywords and provides you with creative suggestions for your domain name. If you do not want to keep the name of your domain from the beauty blog generator, you can simply pick up ideas from it.

The paid and free domain generation tools include,, and

3. Select a Web Hosting Service

When you decide the name of your domain, the next step is to choose a web hosting service. The web hosting service will provide your website with space on the Internet.

In this space, your website can store all the information and data related to your blog. However, the web hosting service that you choose is very crucial.

Different services have different factors and features. You should always choose a web hosting service that aligns with your requirements.

So, before you choose a hosting service, you should make sure to look at a number of things.These factors include the performance of the hosting service, its price, and the offers it provides to the users.

Different web hosting services that are ideal for creating beauty blogs include:

4. Choosing the Beauty Theme for your Website

Choosing the right beauty theme is one of the most important steps in creating your beauty blog. The theme of your website governs the look of it.

So it is very important to align your theme with your beauty niche. It provides the viewers’ first impression. If the viewers find your theme attractive and intriguing, they will like to read your beauty blogs.

On the other hand, if your theme looks dull and monotonous, your viewers will not wait to click the back button.

Once you install WordPress blog builder, it has a default WordPress theme. You should change this default theme and choose a beauty blogging theme. This will help you customize the look of your beauty blogs according to your target audience.

You can choose from a variety of free and premium (paid) themes available. However, choosing a premium WordPress beauty theme has more advantages than choosing a free WordPress beauty theme. The reasons for these advantages are as follows:

  • The premium themes have cleaner codes and a faster user interface. Thus, they can help your website rank higher on search engine result pages.
  • These themes also provide several attractive templates for the users.
  • They have full customization capabilities and excellent technical support.

Hence, premium themes are perfect for beginners. You can easily customize the functionality of these themes according to the requirements of your blogs. If you want to clear your queries, you may also opt for customer support for the themes.

There are many premium beauty theme options for the users. As a beauty blogger, you may choose Thrive Theme Builder. This theme builder has a flexible interface that is completely customizable.

So, you can adjust and govern the look of your beauty blog according to your preferences using Thrive Theme Builder. But if you do not like this theme builder, you may opt for other beauty theme options.

Some of the beauty theme options for the beauty bloggers are as follows:

  • Pure beauty and fashion blog themes
  • Mestyle beauty blog theme.
  • Brightly Spa beauty blog theme
  • Allure beauty blog theme.
  • Glamchic beauty blog theme.

You can try out these beauty and fashion blog themes for your beauty blog. But if you do not even like these themes, then there are several marketplaces that provide a number of beauty themes. One such marketplace is

When you choose a beauty blog theme, you should look out for several factors. These factors include:

  • The high-quality interface of the theme’s design.
  • The customization capabilities match your beauty niche with the theme.
  • The speed and mobile-responsive nature of the theme.
  • The brand has created a beauty theme.
  • Reliable customer support options and the online rating of the theme.

Once you are satisfied with all the factors listed above, you can choose your beauty and fashion theme. When you install the theme, move on to the next step.


5. Create Other Pages and Logo

When everything related to your beauty blogs is created, you can now create its essential pages. The pages on your blog are different from the blog posts.

The blog posts keep changing their positions. On the other hand, the web pages have a specific position that does not change. These pages are created to provide more information related to your website and blogs to the audience.

Different types of web pages that you may create for your beauty blogs are as follows:

  • The About page: The About page will let your audience know about your history and background. Once they know that you are interested in beauty and fashion, they will be curious to read your blogs. The About page is one of the most read pages of your blog. You can use this opportunity to convert your leads by pasting a call to action or opt-in in your About page. This will help you get more readers for your email list. 
  • Contact page: Through your beauty blogs, you may provide reviews of products or recommendations and suggestions to your audience. In case the audience has any queries, they will need to contact you. Thus, the contact page makes it easy for your audience to connect with you and clear their queries. Moreover, the contact page also helps different brands and companies connect with you and collaborate with you. On the contact page, you can provide an email address, your office address, a phone number, etc. 
  • Privacy policy page: The privacy policy page can help to protect your rights and your interests as a beauty blogger. It consists of the readers’ privacy rights. You can also get all the terms and conditions written down in the privacy page of your blog.

Besides creating the pages, it is also a good idea to focus on the logo of your beauty blog. The logo will help to give your beauty blog a particular reputation.

It also make your blog easy for your audience to recognize when they see your logo. There are a number of logo creating applications that can help you create your blog’s logo. This logo should always represent your personality.

6. Promote your Blog Posts

Once you create your beauty blogs, you cannot just sit around. The next step is to create a compelling content marketing strategy that can help you attract an audience to your blog.

This is because it is useless if you create high-quality beauty blogs and no one reads them. So you should create a written content marketing strategy.

Research has shown that a written content marketing strategy is better than a verbal content marketing strategy. According to these studies, 60% of the businesses that have a written content strategy are successful.

On the other hand, only 32% of businesses are successful with a verbal content marketing strategy. Hence, you can create a content marketing strategy for successful beauty blog by following the steps mentioned below.

  • Add Testimonials with your Blogs and Pages

When you build your blog with a connection of trust between you and your audience, the audience is likely to read your blogs. To build this connection based on trust, you should increase the credibility and reliability of your beauty blog.

One of the most powerful tools that can help increase your credibility is a testimonial. Most of the viewers decide based on proof.

So if you are recommending a product or service to your audience, then you can place a testimonial in your beauty blog. This testimonial will help the users know how the product has helped you in positive ways.

  • Identify your Skin Care or Beauty Audience

In the beauty industry, you can’t make a content marketing plan that works if you don’t know what your audience likes and dislikes.

You cannot promote your beauty blogs or even write them if you do not know your audience. However, you can know your audience by researching them.

Once you know about their tastes and preferences, you can align your content according to their requirements. Not only this, but you can also connect with your audience and talk to them about their preferences through social media or the comment section on your blog post.

Moreover, assessing your target audience will help you know the people who are reading your blogs and are interested in them.

  • Talk with your Friends and Family

Once you create your beauty blog, the best way to market it is to tell your friends and family about it. You can share the link with the people whom you know, and they will visit your blog and read that.

They can also connect with you in the comments section to clear their queries.

  • Use Social Media

Social media will help you leverage the power of your beauty blog website. It is a great place to attract traffic to your new blog. You can simply share the link to your new blog on all your social media handles and request that your visitors read it.

If the target audiences of your beauty blogs and social media handles align, then they are likely to read your blog. This means if you have a target audience related to beauty and fashion in your social media accounts, then they will be eager to read your new blog.

Not only this, but as a beauty blogger, you may also place a call to action while sharing the link to your blog on social media. This call to action will help you increase your email list when more followers sign up for your newsletter.

One of the best ways to use the power of social media for your beauty blogs is to use automation tools. Automation tools can help you schedule your daily posts so that they receive the highest traffic at the right time.

One of the best automation tools is buffer.

  • Create Guest Blogs

Guest blogs are the blogs that you create for the websites of other people in your niche. So when you create guest blogs, you have greater chances of attracting a larger target audience.

This is because if you create blogs for people in your niche on another site, their audience can also read your blogs. If they like your blog, they can visit your website and read your beauty blogs.

To create guest blogs in the beauty niche, you may find bloggers in this category. You can connect with these bloggers and request that they write a post on their blog website.

The more popular the blog website, the greater are your chances of gaining traffic to your website. You can make guest blogging a constant part of your marketing strategy.

Besides creating guest blogs for popular sites, you should also create these blogs for smaller websites.

  • Join Different Beauty Blogging Communities

Different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram have a lot of beauty blogging groups and communities.

You can join the communities of these likewise people to increase your networking outreach. This will help you connect with your target audience and attract them to your beauty blog website.

Once you join the community of different beauty bloggers, like their posts and comment on them. Sharing a link to your blog posts with these bloggers is also a good idea.

  • Paid Social Media Advertisements

Social media advertisements are another great way of attracting traffic related to the beauty and fashion niches to your blog website.

Different bloggers are finding success with the help of paid social media advertising like Twitter advertisements, Facebook advertisements, and Instagram advertisements.

You can easily get up and running advertisements for your blog website in no time in exchange for payment. This small investment may help you earn a huge income from your beauty blogs.

  • Create a Content Calendar

Making a content calendar should be one of the most important parts of your content marketing plan.A content calendar can help you stay organized and consistently post your beauty blogs.

Several online tools and applications can help you create your content calendar. Some of these programs include Google Calendar or Trello. 

  • Usage of Correct Keywords

The use of the correct keywords determines your content marketing strategy to a greater extent. In this era of digitalization, individuals search for a topic using its keywords.

So if you integrate the right keywords in your beauty blog, you are likely to get greater traffic to your site.

To find the right keyword, you can conduct keyword research. Keyword research includes looking for the search phrases of your audience.

Once you know the search phrases looked up by your audience related to beauty and fashion, you may modify your content accordingly. This will help your blog to increase its ranking on search engine result pages.

Let us understand this with the help of an example.

You may be creating your beauty blogs in the niche of natural skin care. In this niche, there are a number of phrases that your target audience may use to search for blogs.

These phrases and keywords include vegan, organic, sustainable, DIY remedies, homemade scrubs, etc. Not only this, but the audience may even use a combination of these words while searching for natural skin care and beauty blogs.

To know the number of times a keyword is searched for, you can even use different tools. One such tool is the Google keyword planner.

google keyword planner

This tool tells you the number of people who have searched for a particular keyword in a single month. It also tells the users about the competition for the particular keyword.

When a search was conducted related to four beauty keywords, the results on this keyword planner were as follows:

Keyword #1: natural skin care. This keyword had an average monthly search volume of 5400 with high competition.

Keyword #2: organic skin care. This keyword had an average monthly search result of 5,400 with high competition.

Keyword #3: green skin care. This keyword adds an average monthly search result of only 100 with high competition.

Keyword #4: sustainable skin care. This keyword had an average monthly search of only 30 with low competition.

In the above examples, you can see how different keywords have different search volumes. The keyword green skin care has higher competition but a lower search volume.

This means the target audience does not generally search for this word. Hence, it is useless to use this keyword in your beauty blog.

The other keywords, called organic skin care and natural skin care, have a high volume along with high competition.

Since the search volume of these keywords is high, you can use them in your blogs. However, since they have higher competition, it is really difficult to rank your beauty blog posts higher with the help of these keywords.

So you should look out for keywords that have a higher search volume with less competition. But it is very difficult to find these types of phrases. This is because if a keyword has a high search volume, it will also have high competition.

The reason behind this is simple. With a greater search volume, more beauty bloggers tend to use the keyword in their blogs to improve its ranking.

Besides the keyword planner on Google, several other tools can help you in your keyword research process for beauty blogs. These search tools include SEMRush, Mox Keyword Explorer, Ubersuggest,, etc.

Now you know the different tools that can help you search for beauty-related keywords. However, how do you find and choose the right keywords for your blogs?

Besides looking out for their monthly search results and competition, there are several other factors that you should know before choosing keywords for your beauty blog.

First of all, you should have an understanding of the preferences of your target audience. Secondly, you should find out the keyword difficulty score of your blog’s keywords.

In the end, you should know the correct usage of keywords. Beauty bloggers should use their keywords in such a way that they do not alter the meaning of the sentence.

Moreover, the keywords should naturally fit in the sentence. If you face any problems while searching for keywords for your beauty blogs, you can also hire the services of an expert content writer.

Once you know the process of keyword research, you can move on to the next step.

7. Leverage the Power of Search Engine Optimization

There is an entire library of beauty blogs available on the web. To make your beauty blog stand out from your competitors’ blogs, you can use the benefit of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization is mainly of two types: on-page and off-page search engine optimization. When you optimize your beauty blog according to the algorithms of search engines, it will help to attract more organic traffic to your website.

  • On page search engine optimization

On-page search engine optimization helps rank your beauty blog higher on search engine result pages. The factors, or elements, of on-page search engine optimization include the content marketing strategy, its topic, and the correct usage of the keywords. 

  •  Off page search engine optimization

The algorithms of the search engine result pages keep updating with time. This can affect your on-page search engine optimization. To combat this problem, off-page search engine optimization is created.

Off-page search engine optimization helps you share your blog with the help of mentions, links, etc. These elements include the power of social media, lead generation forms, blog commenting, forum posting, etc.

If you wish to learn more about the types of search engine optimization, click here.

Once you have made use of search engine optimization, the next step involves seeing the performance of your blog.

8. Assessing the Visits

Once you create your beauty blog, traffic starts visiting it. You should always analyze the traffic coming to your beauty blog.

This will help you know the performance of your work and its shortcomings. You can improve on these shortcomings to attract more traffic in the future.

To assess the traffic on your beauty blog, you should go through various factors. These factors include the types of traffic visiting your website and the different tools that can help you analyze the traffic analysis.

The different types of traffic that may be visiting your website include referral traffic, organic traffic, direct traffic, social media traffic, etc.

Secondly, the tools that can help you assess the visit to your beauty blog include Google Analytics, Open Web Analytics, etc.

9. Create a Beauty Blog that Makes Money

Once you use traffic analysis to figure out how well your blogs are doing, you can make changes to them.Improvisation will help you convert the weaknesses of your beauty blogs into strengths. Many ways can help you improve your blog. 

First of all, you should make sure that your beauty blog does not contain any grammatical mistakes or errors. Secondly, you should always place a call to action at the end of your beauty blog.

The best way to learn about your weaknesses is by communicating with your audience through the comments section.

In the end, full focus, dedication, and consistency can help you create a good beauty blog. Another important aspect that can help you to improve the performance of your beauty blog is to shorten its loading time.

You can do this by checking the loading time of your beauty blog on different browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Become a beauty blogger !

So, to start a blog in beauty is a good way to show off your skills and share them with your audience. At the same time, you can make money while pursuing your expertise in the beauty area.

If you think that your beauty blog website is doing great, then you may even sell products related to the beauty and fashion niches online.

When you have a larger target audience or more traffic on your website, people are more likely to trust you and start to see you even more.

This connection of trust and confidence will attract people to purchase the products you sell. This is because they know that you will recommend them good products.

So now is a great time to make use of the increasing usage of mobile phones and digital media. In this era of digitalization, more people are also following beauty and fashion trends. Hence, you are likely to gain more followers by pursuing blogging in this industry.

With more opportunities, the field also has higher competition. It is for this reason that you should leave no stone unturned to launch your beauty blog. In this article, you can read all the tips and tricks that can help you create a beauty blog and market it.

Marketing your beauty blog website is as crucial as creating it. This is because if no one knows about your blog, then creating it is of no benefit.

Hence, after writing a high-quality beauty blog, it is necessary to let people know about it. This article has explained in detail the different content marketing strategies that can help you grow your beauty blog.

Up until now, you must also have learned how to enable your beauty blog to rank on search engine result pages.

To verify the success of the beauty blog industry, you can go through the top beauty blogs. Some of these blogs include The Front Row Beauty, The Gloss, Makeup Savvy, That Grace Girl, etc.

These blogs can serve as an example and help you to gain an idea about creating your own beauty blog articles. Initially, you may face a lot of hardships to gain more visitors.

But with time, effort, and hard work, your blog grows and it is possible to earn even six-figure money with your beauty blog.

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