Lifestyle Blogging

Blogging is one of the best options to earn income online. The fact that there are more than 30 million bloggers working in the US is evidence of this industry’s popularity.

Among the most popular types of blogs created on the web, lifestyle blogs are one of them. If you have an interest in sharing views about life and its different activities, then creating a lifestyle blog can be a profitable opportunity for you.

With the help of a lifestyle blog, you can focus on different types of subjects related to life.

The content of a lifestyle blog is highly visual and may range from the environment to beauty or even your interests and perspective on life.

Lifestyle bloggers can even create blogs about their lifestyles. They can choose from many lifestyle blogs subject like entertainment, education, travel, sports, or their hobbies arts, culture, etc.

So, starting a lifestyle blog can be a lucrative opportunity for you. It will help you share your life experiences and insights with the audience.

At the same time, you can also learn a lot from the experiences of your readers. But starting a lifestyle blog is not as easy as it seems.

Without effective planning, you may not be able to start a lifestyle blog effectively. So you should know the various steps that can help you start a lifestyle blog and monetize it.

Since there is great competition in this blogging niche, it is important to be careful while creating lifestyle blogs. Lifestyle blogs are one of the most extensive categories of blogs you can find online.

But before knowing how to create these kinds of blogs, we need to know the reasons behind creating lifestyle blogs. Once you know your reason or purpose for starting a lifestyle blog, it will be easy for you to create your content strategy.

So let us have a look at the reasons or purposes for starting a lifestyle blog.

food lifestyle

Why should you Create a Lifestyle Blog?

Knowing the purpose or reason for starting a lifestyle blog can serve as an incentive for you to create blogs in the future.

Once you have a clear understanding of the objective or goal of creating a lifestyle blog, you will be better able to focus on this profession.

On the other hand, in the absence of any purpose for creating lifestyle blogs, you will not be able to create these blogs for long. You can know the purpose of starting the lifestyle blog by asking yourself several questions.

Some of these questions include:

  • Do I like sharing my life experiences or interests with people?
  • Do I want to earn income with the help of my lifestyle blogs?
  • Will my lifestyle blogs help me market my brand?

Once you answer such questions, you will always know the objective or goal for which you are creating your lifestyle blogs.

Let us have a look at the different purposes for which people create blogs.

  • Share their Experiences

A blog serves as one of the best platforms to share your opinions and thoughts on the lifestyle category with the audience. When you have an audience of like-minded people, you can share your lifestyle experiences and thoughts with them.

At the same time, since you are creating a lifestyle blog, you may even share your personal interests and activities with the audience. This makes the blog one of the best tools to let your voice be heard by the audience.

  • Share Information about Different Products

As a lifestyle blogger, you will create highly personalized blogs. In these blogs, the bloggers may share their personal life experiences and talk about the range of products they use.

So the blogs can serve as a platform where you review different products or criticize them. This can also help you earn money if you want to promote products on your lifestyle blogs. 

  • Influencer

Many people want to become lifestyle bloggers to be influencers. Once you choose a specific niche in lifestyle blogging, you can become an influencer in this category.

As a lifestyle blogger and influencer, you may also write about other brands and write blogs for them. Or, an influencer can become a speaker and share his or her views on social issues with the people.

  • Enhance your Resume

If you write good lifestyle blogs and become successful lifestyle bloggers in this field, your blogs can be a nice addition to your work life. When you have a large following, you can use this to your advantage to get different kinds of jobs.

Once you go out for various employment opportunities, you can show your lifestyle or blog to the interviewers. These blogs can serve as a source of credibility for your writing skills. 

  • Create a Relationship

With the help of your lifestyle blogs, you can connect with an audience of like-minded people. Once you communicate with the target audience, you can share your opinions or ideas on lifestyle with them.

If the audience resonates with your ideas, they will win your trust and confidence. This will help to build a relationship between your audience and you.

There are various ways to connect with your audience. You can connect with them through the comment section of your blog or emails.

If you want to know how to create a relationship with your audience with the help of your lifestyle roles, then you can open this.

  • Personal Branding

With the help of lifestyle blogs, you may enhance your branding. When you share your personal experiences and life activities with people, they are likely to know you better.

Hence, lifestyle blogs help to promote you and market yourself. 

  • Monetize your blog

To make money from your blog is one of the main reasons for you to start a lifestyle blog. Many lifestyle bloggers create their lifestyle blogs to monetize them and earn income in various ways.

However, earning income from your lifestyle blogs is not a quick process. The bloggers need to invest in their lifestyle blogs in terms of time and effort.

Only after they have high traffic visiting their blocks can they make money from them. Now let’s s know ways to make money from your lifestyle blogs.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative option to earn passive income from your lifestyle blogs. Under this method, as a blogger, you need to suggest and promote the products and services of a particular brand or company.

If you can promote it with the right strategies and techniques, the audience may purchase the products or services. This will help you earn a commission.

However, it is very important to promote or suggest only effective products or services related to your niche. If the visitors find out that the products or services you promote are not useful to them, then you may lose their trust.

To promote the products or services of different brands related to lifestyle, you need to place an affiliate link on your lifestyle blogs.

This affiliate link should be able to attract the attention of the audience. Once the visitors click on this link, they are redirected to the official page for the particular product or service.

From this page, they can purchase this product or service. Now let us see the different affiliate marketing networks and programs that are ideal for lifestyle bloggers.

  • Bluprint

If the niche of your lifestyle blog relates to handicrafts or different DIY projects, then this affiliate marketing program is ideal for you. The platform provides online classes for people to help them learn different types of activities.

Such activities include painting, sewing, knitting, cake decorating, etc. Besides these, the platform also has classes related to fitness, photography, gardening, and homemaking.

So if your lifestyle blog attracts a creative crowd, then you can suggest Bluprint to them.

If the visitors make any successful purchase with the help of your affiliate links, you can earn commission. The commission system of this affiliate program is quite flexible.

Let us say you help to generate an online class or DVD customer. This will help you earn a commission of 75% of the sale. But you will receive only 15% commission in case of repeat customers.

Besides the commission, the cookie life of the affiliate program at Bluprint is 30 days.

  • Sigma beauty

Sigma Beauty is a beauty brand that can help lifestyle bloggers whose specific niche is beauty. This international beauty brand deals in a variety of beauty products like eye makeup, brushes, skin care products, lipsticks, etc.

So if you have a target audience that relates to beauty freaks and makeup lovers, then you can use the affiliate program of Sigma Beauty.

To help you convince your audience to purchase the products on the platform, the band provides you with a variety of marketing materials. These marketing materials include professional banners, product feeds, and images.

Once the visitors make a successful purchase with the help of your affiliate link, you will receive commission. The program provides a 10% commission per sale.

Besides the commission, affiliate members can also participate in different events and contests. These events and contests provide them with an opportunity to win other cash prizes.

The affiliate program of Sigma Beauty is monitored through impact radius. In case of any query, you can also connect with a dedicated account manager.

  • Food Blogger pro

Food Blogger Pro is the right platform if you create lifestyle blogs related to food. This website provides online courses for prospective food bloggers.

These online courses include a variety of topics like food, photography, WordPress development, social media, marketing, etc.

Once you have suggested the online courses of Food Blogger Pro, you can earn high commissions. The rate of commission for this program is 20%.

Not only this, but the commission is recurring. This means you will receive income as long as the customer remains subscribed to the online course. The cookie life of the affiliate program of Food Blogger Pro is 180 days.

  • Zaful

Zaful is an international fashion brand that creates and distributes fashion products. If you create lifestyle blogs related to fashion, then you can promote the products of Zaful.

The company provides quality products that are up-to-date with the latest fashion trends. Not only this, but the brand also has a ‘green’ way of manufacturing the products.

The different product categories include menswear, swimwear, women’s tops, accessories, etc. Once you promote the platform and help make any successful purchases, you can get commission.

The rate of commission on the platform is up to 30%.

  • Lose A Pound Daily

As the name of the platform suggests, Lose A Pound Daily is a platform related to the fitness niche. So if you create lifestyle blogs related to fitness, then you can promote this platform.

The website is focused on selling weight loss management products. Besides the products, the platform also publishes diet guides that can help the readers lose weight.

So besides the physical products, the audience also receives digital products from this website. It offers physical products like green tea, food, supplements, probiotics, etc., along with digital products like eBooks, pdfs, online guides, etc.

If you help the platform make any successful purchases, you can receive a commission.

The rate of commission for the affiliates is 20% per sale. Besides the commission, the affiliates also receive an affiliate toolbar along with the affiliate linking tools.

  • Outdoor Vitals

If you create lifestyle blogs related to camping and hiking, then you can check out the affiliate program of Outdoor Vitals. The platform provides accessories and products related to outdoor activities like tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, pads, etc.

If the different products and accessories from Outdoor Vital match the content of your lifestyle blogs, then you can promote them.

The platform provides a 10% commission for each product sold. It also provides additional promotional and marketing tools through AvantLink. 

But the best aspect of outdoor vitals is that each 1% of your commission is provided to anti-poverty projects all around the globe.

So what could be better than earning income and investing in social causes at the same time? The cookie life of the program is 30 days.

Besides these affiliate programs, you can also choose other affiliate programs related to lifestyle blogs. Some of the additional affiliate programs are as follows.

  • Tony Robbins
  • Marriage fitness
  • Rosegal
  • Fab Fit Fun
  • Food52
  • Avon


When you place ads on your lifestyle blocks, you promote the products and services of a third-party platform. But it is important to choose the advertisements very carefully.

The banner ads on your lifestyle blogs should always connect with your content and their preferences. This is because the target audience that visits your blog will only purchase the products or services if they prove to be useful to them.

The income that you earn from advertisements ultimately depends upon the traffic to your blog. Several applications and tools help people place advertisements on their blogs.

But the best tool for this purpose is Google AdSense. Google AdSense has been functioning in this industry since 2003. This increases the credibility of this platform. You can also try out other tools like, AdRecover, Adversal, etc.

Sell products

Besides promoting and helping other brands and companies sell their products, why don’t you create your own products and sell them? So creating and selling digital products on your lifestyle blogs can be another method to earn income from them.

But when you create and sell products, you should make sure they connect with the niche of your lifestyle blogs. The audience will purchase the products only if they prove useful for them.

So these are some of the methods of monetizing and earning income from your lifestyle blogs. However, the quality of your content ultimately determines the type of interaction you have with it.

Once you can decide on any objective from the above purposes, you can create your lifestyle blogs. Knowing the purpose works as a pathway.

By walking on this pathway, you can perform all the steps of creating your lifestyle blogs easily. Now let us have a look at the different steps that can help you create a lifestyle blog and make money from it.

Learn how to Start a Lifestyle Blog in 2023 and Make Money

1. Choose a Category

One of the most important steps in creating a lifestyle blog is to choose a particular focus or category. As we all know, the lifestyle topic is an extensive niche.

So it is very important to decide on a particular category of this topic around which you will create your lifestyle blogs.

When you choose a specific category of lifestyle topics, you increase your chances of getting success in this competitive blogging industry. There are different sub-topics or categories on which the bloggers may base their lifestyle blogs.

Let us have a look at some of the blog ideas with which you can choose a direction or focus for your lifestyle blogs.

  • Advising and Suggesting others

With the help of your lifestyle blogs, you can provide your advice to specific groups of people based on your personal experience.

There can be topics on which you have great knowledge, and you can share your advice on these topics through your lifestyle blogs. The advice can be written in the form of ideas, beliefs, experiences, or stories.

  • Review Products

As a lifestyle blogger, you may create content about your personal experiences and lifestyle. When you share stories and ideas related to your personal life, you can also mention several products that you use.

Reviewing products does not necessarily mean that you should mention the advantages of the product. The blogger should also describe the disadvantages and the negative impacts of using certain products.

Hence, if you choose to focus your lifestyle blogs on reviewing products, you can share your thoughts and opinions on different products or services.

  • Share Experiences

Under this focus or direction, you can create lifestyle blogs to share your experiences. The experiences here include both positive and negative ones.

With the help of your experiences, you can advise and guide your target audience. You can share your knowledge on particular categories to help the audience members who may be experiencing the same situation. 

When you share your experiences, stories, and advice with people, you are likely to create a more personal impact on the readers. This will help the readers connect with you and develop trust in you.

So you may choose any focus or direction for your lifestyle blogs according to your interest, passion, preferences, and knowledge base.

Once you have chosen a particular direction, you can move on to the next step. The next step will tell you to select a specific niche in this direction.

2. Select a Lifestyle Blog Niche 

Selecting a particular category for your lifestyle blogs is not enough. When you choose a specific category or focus, there are several subcategories in it.

So it is important for the lifestyle bloggers to choose a specific lifestyle niche or subcategory in the particular category chosen above.

Choosing a specific niche has different benefits. First of all, if you do not choose a specific niche for your lifestyle blogs, you will be confused about your target audience.

This means you will create your lifestyle blogs on several topics. But if you have a particular niche or subtopic, you will only create your lifestyle blogs for a particular section of your target audience.

Hence, aligning your content for a particular section of the target audience is always better than creating the content for a wider target audience.

Secondly, blogging about a particular niche will help you become an expert in your industry. This will provide certain lucrative opportunities for lifestyle bloggers.

So there are several specific niches in the lifestyle category. You may choose a niche according to your activities and interests.

Let us have a look at some of the ideas with which you can create your lifestyle blogs.

  • Food

If you are a foodie and have great knowledge in this subject, then you can choose food as the niche of your lifestyle blogs. Food is quite an interesting topic and can provide you with different subjects to write about in your lifestyle blogs.

You may share your food recipes with people. Or you can also review the foods of different restaurants and advise people on street foods.

  • Fashion

In this era of digitalization, individuals should try to keep up with the new trends in fashion. You can reap the benefit of this opportunity and become a fashion blogger.

These bloggers help people all over the world by telling them about the latest fashion trends. In your fashion blogs, you can share the latest fashion trends, clothes, fashion hacks, makeup hacks, etc.

  • Health and Fitness

If you are a fitness freak, then you can choose health and fitness as your niche. In this modern world, people are quite conscious about their fitness.

So with knowledge in the field of fitness and health, you may share your views and thoughts with people. These views can be in the form of downloadable guides, PDFs, and diet charts.

However, it is important to know that health and fitness are quite competitive niches.

  • Finances

If you have a background in commerce or accounting, you can choose this niche for your lifestyle blog. As a finance blogger, the individual helps the audience with financial management.

You may share your information with the people and help them with investing, saving, creating a budget, etc.

  • Hobbies

One of the best ways to create a blog is to write about something you love so you can pursue your passion. Some of the hobbies in the lifestyle category include photography blog, DIYs, crafts, fishing, and many more.

  • Gardening

If you have a love for gardening, then you can share your gardening tips with the audience. The bloggers can tell the audience how to grow and renovate their lawns, make garden-related crafts, or live organically.

  • Travel

You may create a blog that provides travel tips and techniques to the audience. If you have a passion for travel, you can travel the world and earn income at the same time.

This is possible by creating a travel blog. The travel blog can also include fashion and food-related posts about the different places to which you travel.

  • Home Decor

With knowledge in interior design, you can provide style decisions and tips to people for their homes. Home decor is also a profitable niche, and you may even promote the products and accessories related to home styling on your blog.

  • Family

In your lifestyle blogs, you can also focus on the niche of family life. In this type of blog, you may include your married life, parenting, or other family life experiences.

When you create a blog in the family niche, the blog is likely to have a personal impact on the audience.

This is because, in such a blog, you can even share your own family’s experiences and what you’ve learned from living in a joint or nuclear family.

  • Motherhood

Many ladies like to share their experience of being mothers. Blogs written about motherhood include a growing industry with a huge audience base. Thousands of women like to read these blogs and share their stories related to this phase of life.

  • Self-care

Due to the ongoing pandemic, mental health has become a growing issue. People are finding new ways to take relief from the ongoing stressful situation.

You can reap the benefit of this opportunity and create a self-care blog. In this type of blog, you need to tell the people several ways they can avoid burnout and reduce their stress.

If you want to help people improve their mental health by creating self-care blogs, this is the right opportunity for you.

So these are some of the niches that you can choose while creating your lifestyle blogs. But once you choose a niche, it is very important to assess its profitability. The profitability of a niche can be checked through its demand-supply level.

When you check the demand-supply level of a particular niche, there can be two situations. Sometimes the demand for a particular niche may be greater than its supply.

This case is quite profitable. You can match up with the demand by creating blogs in this niche. On the other hand, if the supply is greater than the demand, you should not create blogs in this niche.

The reason being that since the supply is high and the demand is low, no one is willing to read the blogs.

Besides assessing the demand-supply level, another factor that you must take care of is deciding the number of niches in which you will create your blogs.

It is always recommended to choose at least one or two niches at the beginning of creating your lifestyle blogs. Later on, when you know the success of different niches, you may select any one of them.

Moreover, you should make sure that the niche you finally choose is not too broad or too specific. This is because the niche determines your target audience and, hence, the number of visitors that visit your website.

After selecting the niche and the main category of your lifestyle blogs, it is time to decide the domain name.

domain name

3. Domain Name of your Blog Posts

After you’ve planned out what your lifestyle blog will be about and picked a topic, you can choose the blog name. The domain name of a blog is its real website URL, or online address.

With the help of this address, the target audience searches for your website or blogs on the Internet.

It is for this reason that the domain name also leaves an impression on your audience. With the help of this name, they can understand the content of your lifestyle blogs.

So you should make sure that the name is attractive enough for the audience to notice it and open your lifestyle blogs.

There are various tips and tricks that you may follow to keep an intriguing domain name. First of all, choose an extension for your domain name.

In this era of digitalization, various extensions can be used for lifestyle blogs. These extensions include .world, .org, .pizza, .style, etc.

However, the most commonly used extension is .com.” It is for this reason that you should use this extension. It will also make your domain name easy to remember.

Once you have decided on the extension for your domain name, you can choose its name. The actual name of the domain should be able to tell the readers about your lifestyle blog.

However, you should make sure that this name is not too broad. If the name is too broad, then you will not be able to attract the required target audience.

Besides a broad domain name, it is not recommended to also choose a very narrow domain name. If you choose a narrow domain name, it will restrict the growth of your lifestyle blogs in the future.

Let us understand this with an example. The name of your domain name is But this is a very narrow domain name. If you choose this domain name, then you will not be able to write about trips to different countries in the future.

On the other hand, you may choose the domain name This is a very broad domain name. The audience residing in a particular location cannot know from this name whether you write blogs related to that place or not.

Apart from looking at the content of your domain name, it is very important to look at its size. The size or length of a domain name should be kept short.

Short names are always easy to remember and type for the audience. The ideal length can be between 3 and 4 words.

You should also take care to be creative while choosing a domain name. It is only the creative domain name that attracts the attention of the audience.

There are various ways to make your domain name creative. First of all, you can use the alliteration effect. With the help of the alliteration effect, the words begin with the same sound and create a catchy effect.

Alliteration also helps to make your domain name easy to remember. An example of such a domain name for your lifestyle blogs is ‘Teens and Tiaras’.

Another way to be creative while choosing a domain is to use synonyms for basic words. Let us say you choose your domain name as. ‘Lifestyle of a Hobo.’ You may change this domain name to ‘Tales of a Vagrant’ by replacing the common words with their synonyms.

Sometimes the domain may look incomplete; to fix this, the bloggers can add extra words to it. These words include “at the,” “the event,” “the hub,” “the place” etc.

Also, you should make sure not to use double letters or hyphens in your domain names. Both of these features can lead to typing errors by the audience.

The readers also find it difficult to remember the domain names that have double letters or hyphens.

Let us understand this with an example. You have a lifestyle blog related to fashion. You choose the domain name ‘’. However, you can replace the TT with just a single T.

Hence the new domain name of your website will be ‘’. Similarly, you may have a hyphen in the domain name as ‘’.

But you can avoid the hyphen, and the new domain name of your lifestyle blog website will be ‘’.

Thus, all these tricks will help you choose the domain name of your website. But if you think you cannot come up with a creative name, then you can even use different name generation tools.

These tools will automate the process of choosing the domain name for your lifestyle blogs. You can search for the domain name according to several keywords.

After you select the domain name for your lifestyle blog website, there can be a situation if the name is already taken by someone else. In such cases, you can purchase the domain name.

But it is advised not to spend thousands of dollars in the process. You can choose another domain name and invest the same amount to market your lifestyle blogs.

Once the blog becomes profitable, the blogger may purchase the domain name of his choice with the earnings. The blog mentioned in this link will help you learn more about how to choose the domain name of your lifestyle blog website.

After choosing the domain name, you can move on to the next step.

4. Web Hosting Service

After choosing the domain name of your website, you need to choose a web hosting service for your lifestyle blog website. As the name suggests, a web hosting service helps to host your website.

This means it provides you with online space to store the data and information of your lifestyle blog website. Hence, it is with the help of a web hosting service that people all over the globe can get access to the content of your lifestyle blogs online.

With the greater importance of a web hosting service, you should be careful while choosing your web host. Good web hosting will help your website function smoothly without any issues.

On the other hand, if you choose a bad web hosting service, you will find several issues like blog crashing problems, security issues, and slow speed. Moreover, it is difficult to switch to another host.

So the bloggers can choose their web host by looking at its various features. First of all, the bloggers should check the performance of the hosting service. A good web hosting service provides a minimum uptime of 99.9% for its users.

You can see both how well the web hosting service works and what it has to offer. The offers include its customer support facility and different features that it provides to the users.

One of the most important aspects that you have to consider before choosing your web host is its price. Since the competition is quite high in this field, you can find some good web hosting services at cheaper prices.

Now let us have a look at different web hosting services that you can consider for your blog website.

  • Bluehost


Bluehost is an excellent web hosting service that is recommended by WordPress. The advantage of using this web hosting service is that it has an uptime of 99.99%.

Besides this, the platform also provides an easy-to-use interface with excellent customer support for the users. The credibility of Bluehost is evident from the fact that it helps to host more than two million websites all over the world.

The loading time that Bluehost provides for your website is 461 milliseconds. But if you do not like the platform despite its many advantages, you can opt for the money-back guarantee feature. The cost of using Bluehost is $2.75 per month.

  •  Dreamhost


With the facility of unlimited storage, DreamHost is another great web hosting service. The platform hosts more than 1.5 million websites.

It also provides excellent customer support for the users. The 24-by-7 customer support allows you to conduct a live chat with the experts.

However, if you do not like the hosting platform, you can get a 97-day money-back guarantee. All the features of DreamHost are available at different prices.

You have to subscribe to any of its plans. The platform has a single site plan costing 3.95 dollars per month. The unlimited site plan costs $4.95 per month.

  • WP engine


Being a large scale company, WordPress blog WP Engine deals with more than 500,000 customers. These customers reside in more than 120 countries all over the globe.

The platform provides reliable web hosting services to the users by ensuring the maximum speed of their websites. It also uses the facility of a content delivery network that helps provide high loading speeds for the website.

You can get the hosting plan from the platform for $25 per month. In case you do not like the features of the platform, you may use the 60-day money-back guarantee.

Besides the above-mentioned web hosting services, some other web hosts that you may choose for your lifestyle blog website are as follows:

After you choose a web hosting service for your new blog website, you can move on to the next step.

5. Decide a Blog Theme

A theme for your blog is a premium template that helps bloggers govern the look of their lifestyle blogs. A modern and stylish theme will help you create a website that appeals to your target audience.

Such a theme also provides different templates, home page layouts, and other options that can increase the functionality of your lifestyle blog website.

Besides this, the themes also help the users customize the look of their websites according to their preferences. The bloggers can modify the fonts and colors on their website with the help of the drag-and-drop page builders.

It is also very important that the theme you choose for your lifestyle blog website be mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly website helps users operate your website without any issues on mobile phones.

Now let us have a look at the different blog website themes that you can use for your lifestyle blog website.

  • CheerUp

Cheer Up, a magazine and blog website theme, has more than 500 home page modifications. These configurations can help you with flexibility and customizability for your blog website.

You may choose anyone out of the initial 11 homepage designs. Then the bloggers can customize these designs according to the requirements of their website.

The initial 11 home page designs relate to various categories, like layouts that are ideal for travel websites, parenting, lifestyle, fashion, etc.

CheerUp also has an extra plugin that gives users even more ways to customize the program.This plugin is the premium WP Bakery Page Builder plugin that was earlier known as Visual Composer.

With the help of this plugin, you can easily edit the pre-built layouts of the theme. It can help you create custom designs for the different blog pages of your website as well as the homepage.

Not only this, but you can also enjoy the facility of e-commerce with the help of the Commerce plugin of the theme. It allows you to sell different items from your lifestyle blogs.

  • Fallsky

Fall Sky is an ideal theme for the lifestyle bloggers who have focused the niche of their lifestyle blogs on travel. Bloggers can also use this theme if they post a lot of pictures or images on their blogs.

This is because of the full-width layout of the theme, which makes it easy to integrate images into its design. Due to this, Fall Sky is a visually appealing theme.

Besides helping the users place pictures on their website, Fall Sky also helps them customize their page layouts. They can do this by using various widgets and the intuitive WordPress customizer interface.

The drag-and-drop widgets can be placed in the new positions according to your preferences. Not only this, but the customizer can also help change the other features of your websites.

These features include its font, color, and layout options. You may even modify the location of the sidebar on this theme. Thus, with so many advantages, you can create an appealing lifestyle blog website through Fallsky.

  • Kloe

If the niche of your lifestyle blogs is related to fashion, then you can use Kloe as your lifestyle theme. The theme can help you create a lifestyle blog and website that focuses on the niches of makeup, fashion, beauty, and accessories.

The website has a modeling agency demo to help the users create a site. Other demos of the theme can even allow you to create an e-commerce fashion store or a business-related website.

So you can share your products and content with the help of this theme. The demos of the theme do not end here. You can use the online portfolio templates or the e-commerce store of the theme as well.

Being a quite modern WordPress theme, the template of Kloe has up-to-date looks. These looks include the background images, visual content, full-width layouts, large sliders, etc. You can also display your content with the help of grid layouts.

To provide more customizable facilities to the users, Kloe has the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin with it. This plugin can help you edit your templates according to your preferences and design.

  • Shout

Shout is another WordPress theme that helps bloggers create their online magazines and lifestyle blogs. To create your blog website, you can choose any of the demos of shout.

The platform provides nine designs to the users. These designs include travel layouts, beauty blog layouts, magazine mode, and lifestyle designs.

After you choose a demo or design for your lifestyle blog, you can click on the one-click demo import feature. This will help you transfer your content and layouts to your lifestyle blog website.

Not only this, but the theme is quite flexible. If you do not like the pre-built content or demos of the theme, then you can use the different options provided on the control panel.

These options allow you to customize the look of your website with the help of the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin. This builder will help you edit the pre-made home page layouts and content of the theme.

To help in the editing process, the WP page builder plugin has a library of 50 features that can be pasted into your pages and a website.

The WooCommerce support of the theme helps the users make use of e-commerce with the help of their lifestyle website. It can help you sell products and add their prices to your blogs. With so many features, you can try out the demo version of Shout.

  • Authentic

Authentic is yet another theme that is meant to create online magazines or lifestyle blogs. If you use the 6th version of Authentic, then you can get access to even more demos.

This version comes with more than 50 website demos to choose from. These demos are ideal for lifestyle websites and will help you create travel websites or fashion websites. Not only this, but the updates to the themes keep adding new demos.

Besides the demos, the theme has a block-based page builder. This builder will help you create an eye-catching design for your lifestyle blogs.

You can make the existing templates and modes more appealing and creative by adding different elements to them. These elements may include sliders, image galleries, pictures, etc.

Other features of the theme include the feedback system or the user review feature.

The additional plugins include BB Press and Buddy Press. These plugins can help you place a discussion forum on your site along with some other social networking elements.

Not only this, but the eCommerce functionality will also help you to monetize your blog. Besides the above-mentioned themes, you can also choose other lifestyle themes.

  • Marni
  • Soledad
  • TheGem
  • Hawthorn
  • Wellspring
  • Rima

In the end, it is important to choose a theme that can help you provide the best look at affordable prices. The blogger should always choose the premium theme. A premium theme can provide you with additional benefits and functions.

The premium themes provide unique and sleek designs to the bloggers. These professional designs come with enhanced security and are mobile-friendly as well.

Not only this, but you also receive search engine optimization support and customer support with the premium themes.

So before choosing a theme, you should look out for various factors, like:

  • The loading speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Customer support
  • Sleek design
  • Customization capabilities
  • Ratings and reviews

The users can even use the Thrive theme builder to create their customizable lifestyle theme. This builder is fully customizable and will help you create a theme yourself without hiring the facilities of a developer. 

Once you are done creating the theme and choosing the look of your website, you can fill the website by creating its other pages.

6. Creation of Pages

The first step to filling out your lifestyle blog website is to create its foundational pages. The foundational pages are the essential pages that help the visitors of your blog website know about its content.

Hence, it is important to provide the right information on the different foundational or essential pages of your lifestyle blog website.

These pages should be able to tell the readers why you have created this blog and what you want to achieve through it. If the readers can resonate with the thoughts and opinions in your content, they will connect with your lifestyle blogs.

The different foundational pages that you can create for your lifestyle blog website are as follows:

  •  About Page

On the about page, the bloggers can include information about the background of their lives. The About page is one of the most important pages of your lifestyle blog website. This is because it is one of the most frequently visited pages on the blog website.

Due to this reason, you can also promote your lifestyle blogs by placing their links on this page. Besides this, the bloggers share information about what they create and write about on the about page.

You should also provide a reason for your audience to follow your blog posts on this page.

Hence, the about page helps to present an impression of the personality of the blogger. If the readers get a good idea about your lifestyle, blogs, and personality, they are likely to read them. You can also place a picture of yourself on the About page.

  • Contact Page

When the audience reads your lifestyle blogs, they may feel a connection with you. Or they may even have certain queries related to your blog posts and writing techniques. No matter what the case, the audience may find a reason to connect with you.

In such a situation, you should provide them with your contact information. The contact information can be found on the Contact page of your website. You can include the contact information in various ways.

For example, the bloggers may share their telephone number, business address, email address, Skype ID, or the profiles of different social media handles.

Another method is to place a contact form that visitors can fill out on your page. But whichever method you use to share your contact information, make sure to check all the channels regularly.

This is because you will not want to respond late to the audience or not reply to them at all. The bloggers can also place a FAQ section on the contact page. This will allow the users to ask questions if they are unable to connect with the blogger.

  • Privacy Policy Page

A privacy policy page is a legal page of your website. It helps to protect your privacy laws and provide information to the audience. This information allows the readers to understand how they can collect and use the content of your lifestyle blog website.

Not only this, but a privacy policy page can also help you monetize your lifestyle blogs. So you can get your privacy policy page created either by yourself or with the help of an online tool. Besides this legal page, you can also get other legal pages created, like the terms of service page, disclaimer page, etc.

These are some of the essential pages that you should create for your lifestyle blogs. Besides these pages, you may also create additional pages like the products page, the services page, etc.

After getting the pages of your lifestyle blog website created, you need to create its logo. A logo helps to provide a definite identity to your lifestyle website.

There are different methods to create a logo. However, one of the best methods is to choose a logo maker. The logo makers can help you create a logo for free, and that too in high resolution.

Once you are done creating the logo, you can let others create your lifestyle blogs.

7. Content Marketing Strategy 

While creating your lifestyle blogs, you should create a content marketing strategy. A content marketing strategy will help you invite the audience to read your articles. This is because you should not only create your blogs but also share them with your prospective target audience.

A content marketing strategy is a process or strategy that can help you align your content with the requirements of your target audience.

In this way, you create your content specifically according to the preferences of your target audience. This helps the target audience be impressed by your content and, hence, become regular visitors.

It is always advisable to create a written content marketing strategy. A written strategy is more effective than a verbal strategy. But how can you create a content marketing strategy? The various steps that can help you with this are as follows:

First of all, the content creators should make sure to define their objectives. If the objective is to earn income from the lifestyle blogs, then they need to focus very much on their content marketing strategy very much.

On the other hand, if their information is just to share information with their audience, then they may not focus on search engine optimization and keyword usage.

Secondly, you should understand your target audience. Understanding your target audience will help you know their requirements and align your content accordingly.

For example, if you know your target audience, you can also learn the questions they would want to ask you. Hence, you can answer these questions in your blogs.

Besides this, the content marketing strategy can also help you maintain a regular schedule for creating and posting your lifestyle blogs. For this, the bloggers can create a content calendar.

A calendar will help you publish your blogs in an organized way at the best time. You can get your content calendar created online with the help of several software programs and applications.

Once you have followed the above step, one of the most important practices of your content marketing strategy is search engine optimization. 


8. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process that can help you get your lifestyle blogs ranked on search engine result pages.

The process includes using the right terms and phrases in your blogs to attract blog traffic there. Or, make your blogs friendly to search engines by placing links in them.

Generally, search engine optimization is of two types: on-page search engine optimization and off-page search engine optimization.

On-page search engine optimization can help you get your lifestyle blog ranked on the search engine results pages with the help of different elements.

These elements may include the strategy of using the right keywords in your blogs and its content marketing strategy.

But off-page search engine optimization is a passive process that is performed outside of your lifestyle blog website. Its several features are social media marketing forums posting, blog commenting, etc.

So using both types of search engine optimization, you can help your blog stand out from the rest. For this reason, it is very important to place the right keywords at the right places in your lifestyle blogs.

It is not about using the keywords, but effectively using them, which can help you in the search engine optimization process.

But how can you know the right types of keywords to use in your lifestyle blogs? One of the most important factors is to understand the niche of your lifestyle blogs.

Knowing the topic will help you understand the requirements of your target audience. When you know what your target audience wants to search for, you can easily know the keywords.

The keywords are simply the phrases or terms that the target audience searches for on the search engines. There are several elements that you should know to improve or optimize your lifestyle blogs for search engines.

Let us have a look at them.

  • Searching for the keywords

Several tools can help you search for keywords and phrases related to your lifestyle blog website. Some of these tools include Answer The Public,, Ubersuggest, etc.

On these tools, you can easily search for your keyword according to the niche of your lifestyle blogs.

  • Elements of the keywords

Before choosing the right keyword for your lifestyle blog, you should look out for different elements. One such element is the keyword difficulty score.

The keyword difficulty score of the particular phrase or sentence will help you know its competitive nature. So the blogger should always choose a keyword that is less competitive to increase their chances of success.

Besides the keyword difficulty score, you should also know the search volume of the particular keyword or phrase. The number of times the audience searches for the lifestyle-related keyword is the search volume.

So if the search volume of a keyword is higher, this means more people search for it. In this case, you should choose the keyword with the highest search volume. At the same time, the competitive nature of the keyword should be low.

  •  Keyword usage

Apart from knowing the right keywords for your lifestyle blogs, you should also know the locations where you need to place these keywords. The location of the keywords also determines the level of search engine optimization of your lifestyle blog.

Let us know the different places where the bloggers need to use their keywords in their lifestyle blogs.

Meta Title

When people search for your lifestyle blog, the search engine result page will show the link to your blog along with its initial content.

This initial content is the meta title of your lifestyle blog. The meta title includes approximately 50 to 200 characters. In this short amount of words, you’re supposed to make a strong impression on your readers.

The readers should feel like opening your blog after reading its metadata. One of the best methods is to include the keywords and phrases in the meta title.

Title Tag

The title tag is the main title or topic of your lifestyle blog. The length of a title tag can be from 50 to 70 characters. The bloggers should also include the keywords in the title of their content. This will help you optimize your content for search engines.

Headings and Subheadings

A blog post consists of several headings and subheadings. In your lifestyle blogs, you can include the keywords in the headings as well as the subheadings.

This is because once you include the keywords in such locations, the algorithms at Google understand that your content is quite optimized and organized.

So these are some of the locations where it is quite essential to use the keywords. Also, you should know that including the keywords in the first 200 words of their content is profitable for search engine optimization.

Long-tail keywords

Long-tail keywords include several phrases. Hence, long-tail keywords are the bigger sentences that consist of several keywords. So the bloggers should aim to use more and more long-tail keywords in their lifestyle blogs.

This is because a single long-tail keyword has several keywords in it. We can understand this with an example. You create lifestyle blogs in the niche of fashion.

The different keywords that can be used in your blogs include fashionable, trends, latest, etc. Instead of using a single keyword, you can use a long-tail keyword that consists of a combination of them.

Such a keyword include- What are the latest fashion trends?, Latest fashionable hacks, How can you update yourself with the latest fashion trends? etc.

So these are some of the tips for search engine optimization that bloggers can use for their lifestyle blogs. After you use the processes of search engine optimization and content marketing strategy, you may promote your lifestyle blog.

9. Promote your Lifestyle Blog Content

Besides using the process of search engine optimization, you should also promote your blog. Promoting the blog will help you increase blog traffic and share it with the target audience on different platforms.

This is because unless and until people find your blog, they will not read it. Generally, it is said that you should spend the same amount of time promoting your blog as you do creating it.

Let us say you spent 4 hours creating your blog. So you should spend 8 hours promoting it. You can promote your lifestyle blogs on various platforms or through different methods. Let us have a look at them.

  • Relatives or friends

You can share the link to your lifestyle blog post with your friends and family as soon as you press the publish button.

Not only this, but you can also ask your friends or relatives to further re-share your blog posts and connect with you in the comment section. This will help to increase the engagement on your lifestyle blogs.

  • Social media marketing

One of the best ways that can help you promote your blog website is through social media. Since you are a blogger, it is obvious that you may also have profiles on social media platforms.

Not only this, but almost every individual has an account on social media platforms. You can reap the benefits of the growing usage of social media to your advantage.

For this, you may use different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

First of all, when you use Instagram, you may post about your lifestyle blog on the platform. Or you can also share the link to your lifestyle blog on your Instagram story. One of the best ways to use Instagram for marketing is to place the link to your blog in its bio.

Besides Instagram, the bloggers may also use Facebook. Facebook has several groups and communities. Once you join the groups and communities related to other lifestyle bloggers, you can even connect with them.

This will help you to expand your networks and further increase your chances of promoting your lifestyle blogs.

Other tips that you may follow for social media marketing include pinning your posts. Pinning the posts to the top will help your new visitors view them and read about your lifestyle blogs.

Secondly, the bloggers can also use a scheduling application. The scheduling application will help you schedule your posts.

This software can allow you to create all your promotional posts at once and schedule them to be uploaded on a particular date. This helps to save your time and engage with your audience at the same time.

  • Email Marketing

One of the best ways to promote your lifestyle blogs is to send emails to your email list. This list should consist of all the people who have an interest in the niche of your lifestyle blogs.

When you do email marketing, it’s important to send emails that are interesting and have interesting subject lines. This is because the click-through rate of emails is quite low.

The subscribers may generally ignore your emails at first. Or they might delete it or throw it in the trash. To avoid such a problem, you can resend your email to the subscribers who did not read it at first.

But how can you know which subscribers ignored your email or deleted it? For this, the bloggers can download certain email marketing software.

Such an application can help you know the people who viewed your email and the people who did not do so. Accordingly, you can resend your email.

  • Forums and Groups

There are various online forums and communities that can help you connect with other bloggers. This means you can connect with other lifestyle bloggers and share your content with them. If they like your content, they may promote it on their blogs.

This will help you connect with the audience of that particular blogger and, hence, increase your networks at the same time.

You can also promote the blogs of these people on your blog through interlinking. Besides this, the bloggers may even subscribe to the various LinkedIn groups and expand their contacts.

So these are some of the methods through which you can promote your lifestyle blogs. After you promote your lifestyle blog, it is time to measure its success. The success of a blog can be assessed by the number of people who visit it.

10. Traffic Assessment of your Blogging Platform

Assessing the traffic helps you know the number of people that visit your lifestyle blog. This step is very important as it helps you know the performance of all the steps performed above.

If your performance is quite good, you will receive a good number of visitors to your blog website. On the other hand, in cases of low performance, you need to improve your content marketing strategy and writing skills.

To assess the traffic, it is very important to know the type of traffic that is visiting your website. Different types of traffic may visit your website, like organic traffic, email traffic, referral traffic, social traffic, direct traffic, etc.

To know the type of traffic that visits your lifestyle blog website, you can use several online tools. Some of the best tools include Google Analytics, Open Web Analytics, etc.

These tools will help you know the keywords that your audience searches for. They also help enhance the return on investment of your marketing strategy and efforts.

Open the blog in this link to learn more about assessing the traffic to your website.

If you think that you need to improve your blogs to attract more traffic, then you can follow the tips and tricks mentioned below.

Tricks to Improvise and Create A Successful Lifestyle Blog

In this era of digitalization, you always need to update your lifestyle blogs according to the latest trends in the environment.

Not only this, but if you think less traffic visits your website, then you need to improve the defects of your blogs.

Different methods which you can use to improve your lifestyle blog website are as follows:

  • First of all, the bloggers should be consistent in posting their lifestyle blogs. Also, they should be consistently updating their old blogs according to the changes in the subject. The link mentioned here will help you learn more about consistency.
  • Another tip that you may follow is to place a call to action at the bottom or top of your lifestyle blogs. A call to action helps people know what to do next after reading your blogs. This button may direct traffic to your website to your email address, LinkedIn account, Twitter account, etc. This will encourage the users to interact with you and become your regular clients. 
  • One of the most important aspects that you should know before posting your lifestyle blogs is to check them for grammatical errors. Any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes can show the unprofessionalism of your content. They also decrease the on-site search engine optimization of your content, along with its readability score.

Various tools can help you in this process. These tools will allow you to correct your grammar and provide suggestions to improve the readability scores of your content.

Not only this, but the grammatical error tools will also help you check the percentage of passive voice sentences and the plagiarism of your content.

The bloggers also need to make sure that they do not use plagiarized content in their lifestyle blogs. This will reduce their credibility and can also lead to legal action against them.

Some of the tools that you can use to check the grammar and plagiarism of your blogs are as follows.

  1. Grammarly
  2. Duplichecker
  3. Small SEO tools
  4. Ginger online
  5. White smoke
  6. Linguix
  7. Hemingway app
  8. Online correction
  9. Virtual writing tutor
  • One of the most important techniques that you should follow is to choose the right strategy. A strategy works as a plan or guide that you can follow to create your lifestyle blogs. If you see less traffic visiting your blog website, then it is time to modify your existing strategy. 
  • Another method is to conduct giveaways on your blog website. Giveaways run as an incentive for the people that can help your customers. 
  • The blogger should also make sure to interact and engage with their customers. They can do so by resolving the queries of their audience and responding to their suggestions in the comments section. If you interact with the customers in the comments section, they will feel a sense of importance and are likely to connect with you in the future.
  • In the end, you should also make sure to check the website loading time of your lifestyle blogs. According to research, people generally wait three to four seconds for a website to load. So if your blog takes more than this time, people are likely not to open it. You can check the loading time of your website in different types of browsers that people may use, like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

So these are some of the tips that can help you create your lifestyle blogs. However, it is essential to be passionate and focused while creating your blogs.

It is the quality of your blogs rather than their quantity that can help you earn income from them. The right strategy that you should follow is to ‘learn, practice, implement, and improve’.

Start a Blog !

So this is a detailed guide or a step-by-step procedure that you can use to start a successful lifestyle blog. The article does not only help you to create your blog but also to promote and market it with the best techniques.

If you follow all the steps to the best of your ability, then you are sure to earn a great income from your lifestyle blogs. However, earning income from blogging is not a fast process.

The bloggers should have patience and put in their time and efforts into the process. It’s time to start blogging and create your own successful blog and start making money.

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