In this era of digitalization, there are a number of methods that can help you earn money online. One such method is to create blogs.

Starting a blog can help you build an audience and share your viewpoints with them. At the same time, you can earn money by sharing your information with this audience.

While people begin a blog, they have to decide the objectives and purposes in their minds. These purposes relate to the types of blogs that you create.

The types of blogs created by people depend upon their passions and hobbies. One of the best blogs that you can start to earn an income from is a movie blog.

As we all know, the movie industry is growing rapidly. Despite the outbreak of the global coronavirus pandemic, this industry is showing signs of growth.

So, there is no shortage of movies to entertain people. Also, with the advancement of technology, people can easily watch every movie on the internet through their smartphones. Due to the same reason, it is a great idea to start a movie blog.

A movie blog will give you a place to talk to a huge number of people online. With the help of this blog, you can easily start movie review websites, websites sharing thoughts, and perspectives on many movies.

Once you have a community of movie lovers and friends, you can connect with them and provide them with the latest industry news as well.

But how can you start a movie blog? Creating a movie blog is not as simple as it seems. It requires in-depth thinking and choosing the right subject.

You may write movies about the Golden Age of Hollywood, or about slasher films, or about rom-coms.

So it is necessary to create a detailed plan before starting your movie blogs. This plan will work as a pathway on which you can create and promote your movie blogs.

In this article, you will get a step-by-step process that can help you build a profitable movie blog and make money from it.

But before learning the processes that can allow you to create movie blogs, it is very important to know the purposes of creating a movie blog.

movie blog

Reasons to Start a Movie Blog

Before starting any profession or career, you will have a reason or goal for doing so in mind. This objective serves as an incentive that can help you stay in the profession for the long term.

In the absence of any purpose or objective, you cannot work on your blogs for long. Without any purpose, it will be quite monotonous to create your movie blogs.

But when you have a particular objective or goal for starting the movie blogs in mind, then you will strive to achieve that goal and work consistently.

  • Reviewing Movies

One of the reasons individuals create their movie blogs is to review movies. Let us say, you like to watch the movies. So, you can provide your recommendations and suggestions on these movies.

To start a movie review blog, the bloggers can write about the movies they hate or love to earn income. As a reviewer, you may either be a movie critic or a movie lover.

When you have this purpose in mind before creating your movie blogs, you must learn the policy of honesty. You should not appreciate a movie without knowing its relevant type ofĀ content.

As a movie blogger, you have to be honest and loyal enough to provide the right information to your audience.

  • Receive Early Screenings

When you write movie blogs and gain success in this career, there is a possibility that you may receive early screenings of movies.

This is because when you become popular as a movie blogger, you can connect with some of the most reputed people in the industry. The more popular you are, the more opportunities for early screenings you will receive.

  • Meet Actors and Directors

When you become a popular movie blogger, you can even meet the different actors and directors in the industry. The bloggers receive a plethora of opportunities if they are consistent in creating high-quality movie blogs.

Some of the actors also receive StudioPress invitation lists. This list helps them meet different actors and directors. Once they meet them, they can admire them on their movie blogs.

  • Passion for Movies

One of the most common reasons for people to start a movie blog is their love and passion for movies. The movie blog provides these people with a platform.

On this platform, they can talk about the different aspects of cinema. When you create your movie blogs for this purpose, you do not care about earning money from them.

Instead, your main purpose is to provide quality content to your audience.

  • Enhance your Writing Skills

As a blogger, you will be required to create movie blogs consistently. When you create these blogs, you convert your thoughts and emotions into a piece of written content. This can help you improve your writing skills.

Besides this, when you create movie blogs, you may use a number of applications and software that help to correct the grammatical mistakes in your blogs.

The applications also provide suggestions and recommendations related to the grammatical errors to the users. Hence, this can also help you improve your writing skills.

  • Ā Monetize your Movie Blog

Though the bloggers may create their movie blogs for various purposes, monetization remains at the top of all of them. The bloggers may write their movie blogs to attract an audience and earn money from them.

When you want to earn money from monetization, you can work on your own flexible schedule. Not only this, but the bloggers can also work on any movie niche according to their preferences.

Different methods can help you make income from your movie blogs. However, the revenue earned from your movie blogs ultimately depends on the traffic they attract.

Now let us have a look at the different methods that can help you earn money from your movie blog.

Affiliate Marketing

With the help of affiliate marketing, the bloggers promote the products and services of other businesses. They need to suggest products and services related to their movie niche on their blogs.

To recommend the products or services, the bloggers can place affiliate links on their blogs. Once the audience clicks on such affiliate links, they are redirected to the official page of the particular product or service.

From there, the visitors to your page can purchase the product or service. Any successful referrals will help you make a commission.

There are different affiliate marketing programs in the movie niche. Let us have a look at them.

  • Fandango


Fandango is the top movie ticket seller in the United States. This platform sells movie tickets online, and it is a destination for approximately 30 million moviegoers.

It also sells tickets for more than 26,000 screens in the United States. With so many advantages, you can sign up for the affiliate program at Fandango.

Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you can get access to its content, like insider news, exclusive content, and movie clips.

Some of the exclusive affiliates also get promotional facilities from the platform. The affiliates are liable to use the creative library that includes different search widgets, banners, movie links, etc.

As a movie blogger, you can also receive a commission in the case of successful referrals. The base commission rate is $0.10 per ticket.

Apart from the commission, you can also receive $2 in the case of a gift card order. This amount increases based on performance. The cookie life of the affiliate program at Fandango is 14 days.

  • Ā Amazon


With the help of Amazon, you can market a wide range of movie-related goods and services.Amazon being one of the largest online retailers, there is a greater possibility of earning commissions from its affiliate program.

As a movie blogger, you can promote the physical products of Amazon, like the physical DVDs and Blu Ray discs. The bloggers can even promote digital products.

These products include the digital versions of different movies, which can either be purchased or rented. The cookie life of the Amazon affiliate program is 24 hours.

Once the visitors make a purchase using your affiliate link, you can get a commission of up to 5%. Besides the commission, bloggers can also sign up for the Amazon bounty program.

The bounty programs can help you earn commissions when people sign up using your link. Amazon also has a bounty program for Prime Video.

If you get people to sign up for the free trial of Prime Video, then you can receive a bounty commission of $2.5.

  • Dealflicks

Dealflicks is a platform that provides tickets at concessional prices to the audience. The users can receive tickets at up to 60% off for approximately 6,000 different screens.

Due to this reason, Dealflicks is one of the largest discount online movie ticket companies. With so many features, you can sign up for the affiliate program of Dealflicks.

If your visitors make any successful purchase due to your affiliate link, you can earn commission. The amount that the bloggers earn from this commission is $2.5 for a new transaction.

In the case of repeated customer transactions, you can receive a commission of $0.25. The cookie life of the program is 45 days.

  • MoviePass

MoviePass is an amazing platform related to the movie and film industries. The platform provides users access to unlimited movies in more than 4000 theaters.

To get access to the movies, the users need to pay a quite low monthly fee. The monthly fee for using the platform is $9.95.

Due to this, the platform is an affordable option for the movie fanatics out there on the web. So you can promote the platform to your visitors with the help of its affiliate marketing program.

The movie bloggers need to sign up for the affiliate program of Movie Pass through the network ShareASale. Once they sign up for the program, they get access to an affiliate dashboard that provides them with all the marketing materials.

The commission for promoting the platform is $2. Moreover, the cookie life of the affiliate program is 60 days. So these are some of the affiliate marketing programs that you can use to earn income from your movie blogs.

However, the movie bloggers must promote the product or service only after testing it. This will help them win the trust of their audience.

Selling Products

Another method that can help you make money from your movie blogs is to sell digital products. There are several digital products related to movie blogs.

These products are in the form of PDFs, applications, downloadable guides, webinars, etc. within your content.


Just like affiliate marketing, you do not require your products or services to sell through advertisements. You can simply promote the services or products of another platform through advertisements.

To earn income through ads, movie bloggers need to place banner ads on their blogs. However, they should make sure that the banner ads resonate with the niche of their movie blogs.

Many platforms help people earn income by placing banner ads through ad networks on their new blog. The best tool that can help you earn income through ads is Google AdSense.

The popularity of this application is evident from the fact that it has been in use in this industry since 2003. However, you can even use other apps and tools like Adversal, AdRecover,, Infolinks, etc.

So these are some of the methods that can help you monetize your movie blogs.

  • Develop Relationships

Another purpose for the users to create their own blogs may be to develop relationships and build contacts. When you create movie blogs, you can become an insider in the industry.

This will help you connect with the different people in the film industry. Besides the famous personalities in the field, you can also get an opportunity to connect with the audience.

This audience includes all the movie lovers and people with a like-minded interest.Ā As mentioned above, these are some of the purposes or objectives for which people create their movie blogs.

Once you have a clear idea of the objective or goal behind creating a movie blog, it will help you in the further steps.

Now let us have a glance at the different steps using which you can create your movie blogs.

How to Start a Movie Blog? Steps to start your Movie Blog

1. Choose the Category of your Movie Blogs

Before starting to create the website of your movie blog, it is very important to decide its focus or category. When you know the direction or focus of your movie blogs, you can easily choose the topics on which you need to create them.

But generally, bloggers tend to miss this step. It is for this reason that they may suffer later in the process.

If you do not choose a particular category in the movie industry, then you may create movie blogs in numerous categories. In such a case, there will be a greater and wider target audience for you to impress.

It is always difficult to impress and align with the requirements of a wider audience.

On the other hand, if you choose a particular category or focus for your movie blogs, you will have a specific target audience.

In this situation, you will more easily align with the requirements of this audience and satisfy them.

So it is important to choose a particular focus for your movie blogs. Different ideas can help you write movie blogs. You can go through some of these ideas for movie blogs mentioned below.

  • Movie Reviews

You can choose to focus your movie blog on writing movieĀ reviews. Under this focus, the bloggers need to provide reviews of different movies to their audience.

When you choose this particular category of movie blogs, it is very essential to be lucid and honest. The blogger should provide honest movie reviews.

This means they should even let the audience know about the negative aspects of the movies along with their positive aspects.

  • Criticisms and Recommendations

You can also become a movie critic and blogger. As a critic, you need to provide constructive criticism for different movies or directors. On the other hand, the bloggers may even provide recommendations to the audience.

  • Actors or Directors

The bloggers can even focus their movie blogs on the backgrounds and careers of different actors and directors. Different movie lovers have a special liking for the actors and directors.

They will like to read about the lifestyle, earnings, and personal lives of these actors or directors.

  • Movie news

You can also create blogs related to the latest movie news. These blogs will help you keep your audience up to date with the happenings in the film industry.

Though news and movie blogs are not evergreen, they can help you attract the attention of your audience and convert your leads into regular customers.

When you write articles related to movie news, you can tell your audience about the latest release date of the movies and their performances.

So you may choose any focus or category for your movie blogs according to your interests. Once you have selected a particular category, it is very important to choose a niche within that category.

Let us understand the concept of selecting a movie niche in the next step.

2. Choose a Specific Niche

After choosing the category of your movies, you can select the niche within this category. The niche is simply the subcategory of the particular category that you have chosen above.

It is a topic that can allow you to become an expert in your field due to your great knowledge of it. But why is it important to choose a particular movie niche?

Choosing a movie niche can help you define your target audience. As we all know, the movie industry is an extensive topic to talk about.

So when you choose a narrow niche, you will be able to get traffic related to a particular topic. On the other hand, if you create blogs on different aspects related to the movies, you will not receive a particular target audience.

Besides deciding the target audience, a specific niche can also help you become an expert in your industry. But how can you decide on a particular niche for your movie blogs?

When you choose the niche for the blogs, it is very important to check whether it is too broad or too narrow. It is not recommended to choose a very broad niche.

A broad niche will damage the purpose of defining the specific target audience. On the other hand, you should also not select a very narrow niche. Such a niche will restrict the growth of your movie blogs in the future.

Say, for example, you choose your niche as the movies created in 2021. However, once you are done writing about all the movies created in 2021, you will not be able to expand your blogs.

So you should choose a niche that can help you attract a target audience. At the same time, it should give you room for growth.

Another important aspect that you should remember before choosing a niche is its demand-supply level. When you assess the demand-supply level of your niche, you can know its profitability.

A profitable niche is a subcategory that has more demand than supply. When the demand is greater than the supply, you can balance out both factors by creating blogs on the particular topic.

This will help increase the supply and match it with the demand. So here are certain ideas that can help you decide the niche of your movie blogs.

  • Movie Genre: You can choose a particular movie genre to create your movie blogs. Different movie genres include comedies, thrillers, romance, drama, action, etc.
  • A particular category of films: You can focus your movie blogs on Asian, foreign, or independent films.
  • Hollywood film industry: As a movie blogger, you can also write blogs about the Hollywood film industry. Under this niche, you should focus on providing detailed information about the different Hollywood movies.
  • Classical Hollywood movies: In a classic Hollywood movie blog, you can write about the different classic movies of the Hollywood film industry. One of the examples of classical Hollywood movie blogs is ā€˜Out of the Past.ā€™
  • Netflix movie review: Under this niche, the bloggers should create movie blogs about the movies that are published on Netflix. Basically, you are required to provide reviews of the Netflix movies to your audience.
  • Cinema retro: If you have a liking for retro movies, then you can choose this niche for your movie blogs.

So there are a number of niches that movie bloggers can choose from. You may even write about documentaries, experimental movies, rom coms, Broadway, etc.

However, you should make sure that whichever niche you choose has good demand from the audience. Besides that, you should also have an interest in the particular niche.

This is because unless and until you have an interest in the niche, you cannot write movie blogs on it. Finding a niche is an important aspect of creating a movie blog. It helps guide your content strategy.

3. Choose a Domain Name

When you have selected the focus and niche of your movie blogs, you should choose its domain name. The domain name is the Internet address, or URL, of your movie blog website.

With the help of this name, the audience can search for your movie blogs on the Internet. Due to this, the domain name gives the audience the first impression of your movie blogs.

So you should choose a unique domain name that can attract the attention of the viewers. For this, the domain name should be catchy, short, and memorable.

First of all, the bloggers need to choose an extension for their domain name. There are different domain extensions available in the market like .movie, .world, .web, .net, etc.

However, the most commonly used extension is ‘.com’. So, it is recommended that you use this extension with your domain.

When you have chosen the extension, you need to decide the name. The name should be such that it can represent the content of your movie blogs.

Bloggers should always choose a broad name for their domain. Choosing a too narrow or specific domain name will restrict the growth of their full movie blogs in the future.

Let us understand this with an example. You choose the domain name of your movie blog as ā€˜Interesting wedding movies’. But this domain name is very specific and will require you to create content related to only wedding movies.

You cannot experiment with your movie blogs in the future and expand their scope. Besides the broad nature of the domain name, it is also essential to use a short and sweet name.

A short name is easy for the audience to remember. You can use additional words to complete your domain name. These terms include ‘the, hub, event, mania,’ and so on.

Let us say that you are writing your blogs on classic movies. In this case, you can choose the domain name ‘Classic Cinema Hub.ā€™

To make your domain name easy to remember, you should make it creative. Different methods can help you choose a creative domain name.

The first method is to use the effect of alliteration. The alliteration effect means that you use words that start with the same letter or sound in your domain. The examples of the alliteration effect are:

  • Hollywood hub
  • Movie mania
  • Film fanatics
  • Fantastic films

The other method is to use synonyms for the words in your domain name. Let us say you choose the domain name of your movie blogs as ‘awesome action films.’

In this name, you can replace the word ā€˜awesomeā€™ with its synonym, ‘epic.’ The new domain name will be ā€˜Epic Action Films.ā€™

Hence, you should follow the different techniques that can help you create a domain name. But if you think you cannot decide on a creative domain name, then you can automate this process.

There are many online tools and applications that can help you do so. Some of these tools include instant domain search, name mesh, lean domain search, etc.

You can easily get the domain name of your choice by entering certain keywords related to your movie blogs in these tools.

Once you choose a name, you need to buy your domain name. However, it is always recommended not to pay a higher price for the domain name.

Now let us have a look at the different movieĀ blog domain names:

  • Filmy site: Filmy Site is an easy-to-remember domain name. The audience can easily type it in the search bar to search for it.
  • Movie marathon: This domain name uses the effect of alliteration. With the help of alliteration, the name becomes quite creative.
  • Movie marker: Just like the above domain name, this name also uses alliteration. Hence, it is easy to recall and remember.
  • Filmoholics: This is a short and unique domain name. Due to this, it attracts the attention of movie lovers.

You can take inspiration from these domain names to choose a domain name for your movie blog website. Some other ideas that you can use to select the creative domain names are as follows:

  • Crazy classics
  • The cinema world
  • Ghost Movie Palace
  • Fine films collection
  • The Hollywood space

All these methods will help you select the domain name of your movie blog. Make sure the domain name reflects your personality as a movie blogger.

After choosing the domain name, you need to get blogsĀ online space for your movie blog website.

4. Web Hosting

With the help of a web hosting service, you can provide your website with online space on the internet. It is with the help of hosting services that viewers across the globe can read the content on your website.

The web host hosts or stores the files and crucial information of your website. To help bloggers host their websites, there are a number of web hosting services.

This makes it difficult for the bloggers to choose the right web hosting service for their movie blogs. However, due to increased competition, you can even get web hosting services at comparatively lower prices.

So you should be very careful while choosing your web hosting service. The host should always have a good track record to increase the credibility of your website.

If you choose the wrong web hosting service, then it can lead to different security problems and the crashing of your website.

So before choosing a web hosting service, you should check it for various factors. Some of these factors include the performance of the hosting company, offers provided by it, and its price.

The different web hosting services that you can use for your movie blogs are as follows:

You can choose any web hosting company’s services based on your needs and budget. After selecting the domain name and the web hosting company, you should decide on the look of your website.


5. Choose a Theme

To decide the look of your website and make your blog more appealing, it is very important to choose a theme. A theme is a pre-made template that provides certain layouts and looks to your website.

Since you are creating movie blogs, it is very important to choose a theme that is ideal for movie bloggers.

Generally, there are two types of themes: the premium (or paid) themes and the free themes. These themes should be able to provide a stylish design, along with different photo options and home page layouts, to the users.

So, a theme provides the first impression to your audience when they visit your movie blogs. It is always recommended to choose the premium themes over the free ones. The paid themes provide a number of advantages to the users.

The different advantages of a premium theme over a free theme are as follows.

  • Advanced and enhanced customer support facilities
  • Search engine optimization capabilities
  • Constant updates
  • Advanced features
  • Security capabilities

So, here are some of the best movie themes that you can choose for your movie blogs. These themes are very easy to launch and will help you share your movie reviews, the latest movie news, or content related to the movies on your website.

  • Amy movie

Amy Movie is a WordPress theme that helps users create their cinema and movie websites. The theme has two premade homepage designs.

Both of these layouts provide a stylish design for your website with a variety of options. You can choose any design according to your audience.

These designs will help you attract your audience, either with the help of a static image header or full-width slider. The full-width slider allows the users to promote the latest movies or a particular section of their movie website.

Besides the homepage layout, Amy has seven types of page designs. You can use these designs because they have a number of options.

The options allow the users or bloggers to present content about different movies in grid formats. The theme also provides you with other templates for the essential or foundational pages of your website.

These templates include the contact page template, the about us page template, and the blog section page template.

Hence, with so many features along with social media integration capabilities, you can use Army Movie.

  • Mag Plus

With more than 40 designs, Mag Plus is another theme that can help you create your movie blogs. With the help of this theme, you can present your website in the form of a magazine or a news website.

Not only this, but the theme also has more than 25 article layouts. These layouts allow you to publish content related to the movie industry.

Other options include 26 slider designs, 10 footer structures, 12 website header layouts, and 20 exclusive widgets. The bloggers can also use the drag and drop builder of the theme.

However, if you do not like the pre-made layouts and designs of Mac Plus, you can create your own custom content designs. This is possible with the help of the more than 18 blocks and modules of the theme.

So if you prefer the freedom and customization options for the designs, then MagPlus is an ideal option for you.

  • Cinerama

Cinerama is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. The theme is ideal for different filmmakers and movie studios. It has a great collection of pre-built demos.

Each demo provides the users with several portfolio templates that can help them publish their content on the website. Not only this, but the theme also has some interactive templates that can help you enhance the look of your website.

Some of these templates are the full-screen slider template and the showcase template. But if you do not like the pre-made demos and templates of Cinerama, you can customize them.

This is possible with the help of the premium WP Bakery Page Builder plugin. This plugin has a modern drag-and-drop interface that allows editing the templates and demos.

Besides the above-mentioned themes, some of the other themes that you can try out for your movie blog websites are as follows:

  • Vodi
  • Pelicula
  • Blockter
  • Formota

So you can choose different themes according to your preferences and requirements. Thrive Theme Builder is also a good option for customizing movie themes according to your blogging requirements. There are various options of themes provided by WordPress.

After choosing the theme of your website, you can fill it. Filling means that the bloggers need to create the essential or foundational pages of their website.

6. Create the Foundational Pages

As the name suggests, in this step you need to create the essential pages of your movie blog website. These pages are the main ones that help build trust with your audience.

Hence, it is important to establish your credibility with the help of these pages and attract an audience. Different essential pages that you need to create for your movie blog website include the contact page, the about page, and the privacy page.

  • Contact Page

On the contact page, the movie bloggers are required to write their contact information. This information includes their contact address, contact number, social media handles, email address, etc.

The contact pages help the audience connect with the movie bloggers if they have any questions or want to ask something from them.

You should make sure that the contact information you provide on this page is monitored regularly. This is because the audience will not like it if you do not reply to their messages.

  • About Page

On the about page, the movie bloggers are required to provide a background about their personalities. But since you are creating movie blogs, it is important to draw readers to your movie blog by telling about your interest in the film industry.

Why do you want to share information on movie blogs? What is the niche of your movie blogs?

Answering such questions on the about page will help the audience get to know you better. If you think their thoughts resonate with yours, they can connect with you.

  • Privacy Policy Page

On the privacy policy page, you need to share the privacy policy agreement and the different rules and regulations of your movie blogs.

These rules and regulations include the methods by which the audience can collect and use your information. Along with the privacy policy page, the bloggers can also create other legal pages.

These pages include the copyright page, the terms and conditions page, the disclaimer page, etc. Once the pages are created, you can focus on the logo of your movie blog website.

The logo should be related to movies and the film industry. Many tools can help bloggers create their logos according to their preferences in high resolution.

Once you are done creating all the essential pages and the logo of your website, you can create your movie blogs. But it is important to know the content marketing strategy before creating content.

7. Content Marketing Strategy

Before creating content, you should know the right process for creating and sharing it consistently. This process is known as the content marketing strategy.

With the help of your content marketing strategy, you can define your objective or goal and attract traffic to yourĀ blog.

Creating a content marketing strategy can serve as a pathway for you. By walking on this pathway, you can create your movie blogs in a planned and organized manner.

So it is always better to create a written content marketing strategy as opposed to a verbal content marketing strategy. There are many benefits to creating a content marketing strategy.

First of all, the content marketing strategy can help you increase the credibility of your blogs and win the audience’s trust. Secondly, the content marketing strategy can also help you provide a call to action to the target audience.

So, you need to do research to come up with a content marketing plan for your movie blogs. First of all, you need to determine your objective for creating the blogs.

Then the bloggers need to research their target audience. This is because they need to align their movie blogs according to the tastes and preferences of their target audience.

Once you know how to write the content, you should also know how to publish it. For this, the bloggers can create a content calendar.

This calendar helps them to publish their movie blogs in a consistent manner. Many tools can help you create your content calendar, like Trello or Google Calendar.

So, an effective content writing strategy can help you get your movie blogs ranked on the search engine result pages. Another important aspect of the content writing strategy is search engine optimization. Let us know this process in detail.


8. Search Engine Optimization

When a movie blog is optimized for search engines, it means that it ranks higher on the search engine result pages. Such a blog is more frequently opened by people due to its higher location on the search engines. This, in turn, helps the blog attract more traffic.

Hence, the processes of search engine optimization can help your movie blog rank and stand apart from your competitors. Search engine optimization is generally divided into two types.

On-page search engine optimization and off-page search engine optimization

On page search engine optimization includes several attributes that can help you rank your movie blogs on search engine result pages. These attributes include the right content marketing strategy and the choice of the right keywords for your movie blogs.

On the other hand, off-page search engine optimization is a passive process of search engine optimization. It is performed outside of the movie blog website.

Different features of off-page search engine optimization include forum posting, blog commenting, social media, marketing, etc.

To optimize your movie blogs for search engines, you can integrate keywords into them. However, the bloggers should determine the keywords that can help them improve the rank of their blogs. Using the keywords effectively is the main purpose of search engine optimization.

To choose the right keywords for your movie blog, you need to better understand your niche. The niche or topic of your movie blogs will help you know your target audience.

Once you know your target audience, you can determine the questions or phrases for which they will search the internet. These questions or phrases are the keywords for your movie blog.

Let us have a look at the different factors that can help you decide the keywords for your movie blogs.

  • Keyword difficulty score

Before choosing the right keywords for your movie blog content, you should know their difficulty score. Different phrases and sentences have different difficulty scores.

The difficulty scores help to determine the competitive nature of the keywords. It is always preferable to choose less competitive keywords.

  • Search volume

In addition to the difficulty scores, bloggers should also find out how often people search for each keyword. The search volume is the number of times the audience searches for a particular keyword.

So you should use a keyword that has a good search volume. The greater the search volume, the better your chances are of getting ranked on the search engines.

So you should search for keywords that have a higher search volume and are less competitive. But it is very difficult to find such keywords.

This is because if the search volume of the keyword is higher, then more people will use it. Hence, the competition will not remain low.

  • Searching for the keywords

Now you know the different factors that you should look out for while finding the right keywords. So you should start searching for the keywords according to your movie niche.

Different tools help users search for SEO keywords and phrases. Some of these tools that can help you search for your movie blog keywords are Ubersuggest, Answer The Public,, etc.

  • Usage of the keywords

Once you know the right keywords, you can integrate them into your movie blogs. However, it is very important to know the usage of the keywords.

The location, or the place where you use the keywords, also has an impact on the search engine optimization of your blogs. The different places where the movie Bloggers should use their keywords in their blogs as follows.

Meta title

The movie bloggers should create a meta title for their blogs. The meta title is basically the first 50 to 200 characters of your blog.

When the audience searches for your movie blog title, they see your meta title along with the link to your blog in the search engine result pages. So it is important to place the keywords in the meta title of your blog.


Your movie blog will have several titles and headings. You should also include the keywords in the headings of your blogs. Besides the headers, there are several subheadings in the blogs as well.

Including the keyword in the subheading is also a good step to optimize your content for search engines. This is because the algorithms of Google can optimize your content when they find keywords in such locations.

Title tags

The title tags are the main titles or topics of your blogs. The ideal length of the title tag ranges from 50 to 70 characters. In these 50 to 70 characters, you should include different keywords according to your movie blog.

So you can use the keyword in these locations. However, it is very important to use the keywords in a way that does not damage or modify the information in your movie blogs.

Performing the marketing strategy and search engine optimization process in the best way will help you create your content. After creating the content for your blog, it is also important to promote it. Let us have a look at this step.

9. Promote your Movie Blog

Just creating your movie blogs and sitting peacefully is not enough. The bloggers also need to promote their blogs so that they can invite the audience to read them. This is because you cannot just expect the audience to come through your blogs randomly.

So you should promote the movie blogs after publishing them. It is always recommended to spend twice as much time on the promotional process as on the creation process.

So if you spend 3 hours creating your movie blog, you should spend 6 hours promoting it. Below are some of the activities that can help you promote your movie blog posts.

  • Social Media

In this era of digitalization, people use social media more than ever. So you can reap the benefit of this opportunity by promoting your movie blogs on social media. As a movie blogger, you can find your target audience on different social media platforms.

To promote your movie blog posts on social media, you can share the links to your posts. Or, another method is to share links to your blog posts on the stories and live video contentĀ of the social media platforms.

There are different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. To promote your blogs on Facebook, you can share the link to your movie blogs on the business page of the platform.

The bloggers can also join the different groups and communities of the other movie bloggers on Facebook. Connecting with like-minded individuals will help you further promote your movie blog website.

Besides Facebook, you can also promote your movie blogs on Instagram. One of the best ways to promote the blogs on Instagram is to place the link to the movie blog in your bio.

Or you can also share your movie blog directly on your Instagram story or reels. So before choosing the platform for promoting the post, you should decide the audience that will visit it.

The internet also has several tools to help people in their social media promotion process. You can use these tools to schedule your social media posts. Scheduling will help you save time and create all posts at once.

Different social media scheduling applications are Buffer, Planoly, Tailwind, etc.

  • Friends and Relatives

As soon as you publish a movie blog. You should share it with your friends and relatives. The bloggers should also request that these people share their blogs and comment on them.

  • Your Own Website

One of the best places to promote your movie blogs is your website. The bloggers should share the link to their movie blogs on the high traffic areas of their website. Generally, the high-traffic areas of a website include its about page, homepage, or contact page.

Besides the pages, you can also place the link to your recent or popular blogs in the footer option of your website. This will help attract the attention of visitors and increase traffic to your blogs.

Another way that can help promote your movie blogs on your website is through internal linking. When you link your blog with another blog, you attract more traffic to the other blog.

This also helps the algorithms at Google understand that your website is quite structured and attracts more traffic.

  • Email Marketing

The bloggers can also promote their movie blogs and share them with their email lists. For this, they need to send a link to their movie blogs to their email subscribers.

This will not only help you promote your blogs but will also help you engage your email list by sending them regular movie updates.

However, it is very important to create intriguing emails while promoting your movie blogs. This is because, generally, the viewers may ignore your email.

The open rate of email is 25% or less. This shows how your viewers may not even look at the email or delete it in the first instance. To resolve this problem, movie bloggers should resend the email to their viewers again.

There are different types of email marketing software that can help you identify the subscribers who did not open your email at the first chance. With the help of this software, you receive a second chance to attract traffic to your movie blogs.

  • Social Share Button

When the readers go through your blogs and like them, they may want to share them with other people. To help readers share your blogs, you should place social share buttons on your blogs.

The bloggers can place these buttons either at the bottom or at the top of their movie blogs. When people find it easy to share blogs, they may do so with their friends or relatives who have an interest in movies and films.

So these are some of the methods that can help you promote your movie blogs. After promoting your blogs, it is essential to assess their success. You can check the success of your movie blogs by determining the amount of traffic that visits them.

10. Traffic Analysis

Traffic analysis includes checking the traffic that visits your movie blogs. This will help you know the success of all the previous steps you took to create a movie blog.

If a good amount of traffic visits your movie blogs, then you are on the right path. On the other hand, if quite less traffic visits your blogs, then you should improvise on your blogs.

To assess the traffic, you should know the types of traffic that visit your movie blog website. The different types of traffic include organic traffic, direct traffic, referral traffic, and social media traffic.

Several tools can help you know the types of traffic and the number of visitors that visit your movie blog website. Some of the famous tools for this purpose include Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and Open Web Analytics.

Once you are done checking the traffic that visits your website, you should improve your blogs with the help of several tips and tricks.

Tips to improve your Blogs

In this era of digitalization, a number of updates are made in each sector. So it is very important to improvise on your blogs. Improvisation means updating the blogs and checking them for several defects and shortcomings.

Different tips that you should follow to improve your blogs are explained below. First of all, the blogger should be consistent in creating and publishing blogs.

Being consistent will help them to maintain a connection with their audience and earn their trust. Consistency does not only mean publishing blogs regularly but also updating your old blogs regularly.

Besides being consistent, you should work with passion and dedication. You will not gain success if you create blogs just for the sake of creating them.

Another step that can help you improve your blogs is to place a call to action at the top or bottom of them. The call to action button will help you provide an action to the audience and convert them into your regular customers.

Besides the above, it is very important to avoid grammatical mistakes in your blogs. Grammar and spelling mistakes can affect the on-site search engine optimization of your movie blogs.

On the other hand, these errors also affect the readability score of the document and show your unprofessionalism as a blogger.

To avoid making any grammatical errors, you can use different tools. These tools help you to avoid grammatical mistakes and maintain the structure of the sentences in your movie blogs.

The grammatical error detection tools also allow movie bloggers to increase the readability score of their blogs. Some of these tools include Pro Writing Aid, Grammarly, Datayze, etc.

After creating a blog, you should also check the website’s loading time. It is very important to improve the loading time of your website.

This is because, according to research, visitors tend to leave a website if it does not load within three to four seconds. So you can check the website loading time of your movie blog website on different browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

Once you follow all the steps and techniques, you can create your blog with right strategies. But if you don’t think your blog website is getting a lot of visitors, you need to change your strategy.

Start Blogging !

So these are some of the steps that can help movie bloggers create their movie blogs. But just creating the movie blogs is not enough.

You should be able to know the several tips and techniques that can help you attract the attention of the audience to your movie blogs.

Besides performing your best, it is essential to invest in some good tools while starting yourĀ blog. The tools help to determine the loading speed and security of your blog website.

It is for this reason that you should always prefer a premium web hosting service. Also, the blogger should prefer a paid theme over a free theme.

The premium themes provide them with a variety of options and additional plugins. So now you are ready to start movieĀ blogging with the help of this detailed guide.

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